Horizons of Perfection : Siraaj al Awarif

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Date Added: 12/25/2013

5 stars

This book is a must for all those lovers and devotees, not only of the saiyeds from Marehera Sharif, and A'la Hadrat, but also of tasawwuf itself. It is probably one of the most recent works on tasawwuf of this century.
The author, is one whom had given ijazah/khilafah to A'la Hadrat, and who also took counsel from him. It is interesting to see what kind of authorship someone of such caliber has, and what he has to offer, since the link we already have with A'la Hadrat.
It also gives you an insight into the views of the Saiyeds from Marehra Sharif.
A must by, and definitely a 'top shelf' book for all those affiliated to A'la Hadrat, Marehra Sharif, and Tasawwwuf.

M.Muhammad Waseem
by Waseem Din
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