Faisala Haft Masala : Urdu

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Date Added: 04/18/2013

3 stars

This is a very decisive and clear book on aqaaid e ahle sunnah. The language used is very harsh for the right purpose so beware! The urdu used is very difficult, I think the tashreeh scholar, mufti muhammad khaleel saheb, could've made his explaination a bit easier considering most non students of knowledge dont use such complicated urdu terms, so urdu dictionary is a must. The print quality is below average, not impressed, but obviously the book content itself is very good. I am still reading, I am shocked at reading some accounts that I never knew before on how so called sunni groups are disrespecting our Nabi SAW and how cleverly they are concealing the truth. Must read for every person interested in learning the truth of Najdiyya and Deobandiyya.
by Imran Ahmed
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