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Urdu Learning

Urdu : A Step by Step Guide 1
Urdu : A Step by Step Guide 1
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Details:  URDU :  A Step by Step Guide ( Part 1),
Large [A4++] Paperback - 255 pages,
by : Mawlana Hashim Muhammad,
Published by Al-Qalam Publishers.

Description :

English & Urdu

A Step by Step guide ( Book 1) to the Urdu language.

The author explains, in lucid language, the core concepts of Urdu. Examples are used throughout for ease of understanding. Exercises are also included to aid practical learning.


Table of Contents :

---Lesson [1]. Subject Predicate : Part 1,
------Sentence Structure,
------Joining Words,
------Checklist & Keywords.

---Lesson [2]. Gender : Part 1,
------Marked Nouns,
------Unmarked Nouns.
------Checklist & Keywords.

---Lesson [3]. Possession : Part 1,
------Possessive Phrase,
------Possession in Sentences,
------Numerous Possessions,
------Checklist & Keywords.

---Lesson [4]. Plurals,
------Making Plurals,
------Identifying Unmarked Masculine Plurals,
------Checklist & Keywords.

---Lesson [5]. Adjectives : Part 1,
------Unmarked Adjectives,
------Differentiating between Adjectives and Predicates,
------Marked Adjectives,
------Adjectives with Subjects and Predicates,
------Adjectives with Possession,
------Possession and Adjectives : Persian Form,
------Checklist Keywords.

---Lesson [6]. Past Tense,
------Checklist & Keywords.

---Lesson [7]. Past Tense : Intransitive Verbs,
------Transitive and Intransitive Verbs,
------Sentence Order,
------Checklist & Keywords.

---Lesson [8]. Pre-Positions / Post-Positions,
------Sentence Order,
------Prepositions after Nouns,
------Prepositions after Possession,
------Compound Prepositions,
------Checklist & Keywords.

---Lesson [9]. Past Tense : Transitive Verbs,
------Subject Marker,
------Object Marker,
------Sentence Order & Translation to English,
------Verb Object Agreement,
------Irregular Verbs,
------Checklist & Keywords.

---Lesson [10]. Adverbs,
------Adverbs of Place,
------Adverbs of Time,
------Adverbs of Manner,
------Adverbs of Frequency,
------Checklist & Keywords.

---Lesson [11]. Demonstrative Pronouns,
------Demonstrative Pronouns before Prepositions,
------Checklist & Keywords.

---Lesson [12]. Personal Pronouns,
------Pronouns as Subject,
------Pronouns as Objects,
------Pronouns as Possession,
------Pronouns before Prepositions,
------Reflexive Pronouns,
------Checklist & Keywords.

---Lesson [13]. Interrogative Pronouns,
------Polar Questions,
------Non-Polar Questions,
------Checklist & Keywords.

---Lesson [14]. Gender : Part 2,
------Gender of Living Things,
------Gender of non-Living Things,
------Gender of Arabic Words used in Urdu,
------Review of Gender.

---Lesson [15]. Plurals, Numbers and Time,
------Arabic Plurals,
------Persian Plurals,
------Other Rules Regarding Plurals,
------Summary of Plurals,

---Lesson [16]. Subject Predicate : Part 2,
------Other Types of Subject Predicate Sentences,
------Negative Sentences,
------Other Joining Words,
------Subject Verb Agreement,
------Subject without a Predicate,
------Checklist & Keywords.

---Lesson [17]. Possession : Part 2,
------To Have,
------Re-Ordering Possession,
------Omission in Possession,
------Other Uses in Possession,
------Checklist & Keywords.

---Lesson [18]. Adjectives : Part 2,
------Adjective Intensifiers,
------Repetition of an Adjective,
------Repetition of a Noun,
------Adjective of a Pronoun,
------Adjectives of Number,

---Lesson [19]. Subject, Predicates, Adjectives, Objects & Adverts as Sentences,
------Subject and Predicates as Sentences,
------Adjectives as Sentences,
------Objects as Sentences,
------Adverbs as Sentences.

---Lesson [20]. Particles and Miscellaneous,
------Inlcusive Particles,
------Exclusive Particles,
------The Emphatic Particle,
------Vocative Case.

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