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Hans Wehr Arabic-English Dictionary, PB
Hans Wehr Arabic-English Dictionary, PB
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Details:  Arabic-English Dictionary: The Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic,  by Hans Wehr,
Edited by J.M. Cowan.
Paperback - 1301 pages,

A Compact Version of the Internationally Recognised Fourth Edition

Description :

This edition is intended to meet the demand of students and scholars for a compact, well bound, econimcally priced version of 'A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic.' 

It contains all of the entries of the larger, hard bound, 4th edition. This dictionary presents the vocabulary and phraseology of modern written Arabic. It is based on the form of the language which, throughout the Arab world from Iraq to Morocco, is found in the prose of books, newspapers, periodicals, and letters. This form is also employed in formal public address, over radio and television, and in religious ceremonial.

The dictionary will be most useful to those working with writings that have appeared since the turn of the century. The morphology and syntax of written Arabic are essentially the same in all Arabic countries. Vocabulary differences are limited mainly to the domain of specialised vocabulary. Thus the written language continues, as it has done throughout centuries of the past, to ensure the linguistic unity of the Arabic world. From its inception, this dictionary has been compiled on scientific descriptive principles. It contains only words and expressions which were found in context during the course of wide reading in literature of every kind or which, on the basis of other evidence, can be shown to be unquestionably a part of the present day vocabulary. Consequently, it not only lists classical words and phrases of elegant rhetorical style side by side with new coinages that conform to the demands of the purists, but it also contains neologisms, loan translations, foreign loans, and colloquialisms which may not be to the linguistic taste of many educated Arabs. But since they occur in the corpus of materials on which the dictionary is based, they are included here. 

''It is a great pleasure to be able to recommend this dictionary wholeheartedly. Its scholarship, accuracy and reliabilty make it one of the most significant contributions to Arabic lexicography. It is hoped that this masterpiece willpoint the way to wider use of modern lexicographical principles in the compilation of dictionaries for earlier periods of the Arabic language. '' ----The Linguistic Society of America.

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Product Dimensions: 13.6 x 4.1 x 22 cm,
Paperback : 1301 pages,
4th Edition.


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