Masa'il al-Quduri Made Easy

Masa'il al-Quduri Made Easy :
In Question & Answer Format (Complete),
[A5] Hardback - 554 pages,
Mukhtasar Al-Quduri by Imam al-Quduri [d.428h]
Masa'il by M. Ashiq al-Barni,
Published by ZamZam, Pakistan.


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Description :

Mukhtasar al-Qudoori  is perhaps Imam al-Quduri's, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi, most famous work on hanafi jurisprudence, Al-Mukhtasar is also known as al-Kitab. It addresses many issues spanning the entire spectrum of fiqh, for the book covers not only matters of worship, but also business transactions, personal relations and penal and judicial matters.


Masail Al Qudoori Made Easy - Q & A Format (Complete) :

This is a simple and lucid commentary of Mukhtasar al-Qudoori in Question and Answer format, it is Tashil al-Zaruri li Masa'il al-Quduri, rendered into English. This commentary also includes explanatory notes where the author considered it necessary.

Detailing about 12,500 legal questions and taught in seminaries across the world, Imam 'Abd al-Husayn Ahmad ibn Abi Bakr al-Quduri's Mukhtasar al-Qudoori is one of the mainstays of the Hanafi school of law.


This Edition :

This new edition is a sub-continent print. It is an English translation (without the Arabic text) printed on standard grey paper. It is a non ASWJ translation; however suitable for Dars e Nizami students.

Imam al-Quduri : He is al-Imam al-'Allamah Abu ‘l-Husayn Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Baghdadi al-Quduri, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu. He is more commonly known by his nisbah, as Imam al-Quduri. He was born in the year 362 A.H. He studied Fiqh from Abu 'Abdillah al-Faqih Muhammad ibn Yahya al-Jurjani. Among the jurists that learned Fiqh at his hands was Abu Nasr Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Aqta?. The chief justice (qadi al-qudat) Abu 'Abdillah al-Damaghani narrates hadith from him, and so does al-Khatib al-Baghdadi. Imam al-Quduri, distinguished himself in Fiqh due to his intelligence. He went on to become the leader of the Hanafi scholars in Iraq, and he rose amongst them in status and fame. He authored :

    *** al-Mukhtasar, the fiqh summary bearing his name,
    *** al-Tajrid, encompassing the disagreed issues between the Hanafis & Shafi'is.
    *** al-Taqrib, also in issues of disagreement, a summary which he compiled for his son.

Al-Quduri was one of the ashab al-tarjih (jurists who weighed and analysed the strengths of differing verdicts in the madhhab). He died on 15th Rajab 428 AH in Baghdad, and was buried in his home, but was later transported and buried beside Abu Bakr al-Khawarizmi, another Hanafi jurist. He was well-spoken in his views, of a bold tongue, and constant in reciting the Qur'an.





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