Prophecies of the Holy Prophet

Prophecies of the Holy Prophet on
Technology and Modern Inventions
, New,
'Mutabiqat al-Akhtira'at al-Asriyyah,'
[A5] Paperback - 192 pages,
by Imam Sayyid Ahmad al-Ghamari al-Husayni [d.1381h?],
Transl. by Muhammad Abdul Hadi Qadri,
Published by Sufi pages.


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Description :

'Mutabiqat al-Akhtira'at al-Asriyyah,' Prophetic Predictions on Modern Science. This new work is a compendium of hadith by Imam Sayyid Ahmad al-Ghamari; in which the Beloved Prophet, may Allah bless him & grant him peace, predicts various scientific discoveries.

It is an undisputed fact that the knowledge possessed by the Beloved Prophet, may Allah bless him and  grant him peace, exceeds that of any other creation of Almighty Allah. This is our belief and creed. As members of the Ahl al-Sunnah, we have upheld this belief and have taken extreme pride in professing it. Ultimately the Beloved Prophet is Sahib al-Qur'an. No person has understood or practiced upon the Words of the Almighty Allah as the Prophet, may Allah bless him and  grant him peace, has done.

Imam Sayyid Ahmad al-Ghamari al-Husayni, an eminent middle eastern scholar and sufi, has protrayed the sentiments of the Ahl al-Sunnah concerning the ilm al-Ghayb [Knowledge of the Unseen] possessed by the Beloved Prophet, may Allah bless him and  grant him peace, through an uncomplicated and judicious attitude.

The purpose of this complication is quite apparent. The Beloved Prophet, may Allah bless him and  grant him peace, suitably informed the blessed Companions of many incidents that will occur after his departure. He was duly informed about these occurrences from the Divine Creator.

Evidently, all the predictions made by the Beloved Prophet, may Allah bless him and  grant him peace, have through the ages become manifest and time bears testimony to this. Whatever has occurred in the past or in the life and miracles of the Prophet has been systematically documented in various books.


About the Author:

He is Al-Imam Sayyid Ahmad bin Muhammad al-Ghamari al-Husayni, rahimahullah. He was born in Morroco 1902 C.E and passed away in 1961 (1380h) [Citation needed]. He was a traditional Muslim scholar of hadith.

Shaykh Ahmad al-Ghamari lived a simplistic life, concentrating on his writing, studying and teaching. He shunned the excessive nature and lifestyle of others. He opposed extremism in religion and was vehemently opposed to wahhabism.


Table of Contents :

---Knowledge of the Unseen of the Beloved Prophet,
---The Reason for this Compilation.

---[1]. Trains, Trams and Smilar Machines,
---[2]. Aeroplanes and Various other Flying Devices,
---[3]. Warplanes and Bombers,
---[4]. Bombs and Landmines,
---[5]. Landmines,
---[6]. The Atom and Hydrogen Bomb,
---[7]. Telephones, Telegraphs, Radio, Television and the Press,
---[8]. Submarines and Missiles,
---[9]. Photography and Tape Recorders,
---[10]. Circus Acts involving Lions, Tigers, Elephants and other Wild Animals,
---[11]. Police Dogs,
---[12]. Zoos and Bird Sanctuaries,
---[13]. Petrol and Gas,
---[14]. The Demolition of Mountains for Constructing Roads,
---[15]. Electricity and Lightning,
---[16]. Artificial Rain,
---[17] Tractors and various Agricultural Implements,
---[18]. Photography and Camera's,
---[19]. The Demolition of Masjids to Build Roads,
---[20]. Telescopes,
---[21]. The Fountain Pen,
---[22]. Insight into present day practices (Banking, etc),
---[23]. Beautiful Roads and high-rise Buildings,
---[24]. Unusual illnesses,
---[25]. C.V.A. (Cerebo Vascular Accident or Stroke),
---[26]. Haemorrhoids (Piles), Heart Failure and Sudden Death,
---[27]. Disobedience and the Abundance of Women in the Commission of Sin,
---[28]. Intermingling of the Sexes in the Workplaces,
---[29]. The Police,
---[30]. The Increase in Kings, Princes and Nobles,
---[31]. Discarding of the Turban, neglect of the Muslim Cap (topi), and the custom of uncovering the head,
---[32]. Indecency and Shamelessness,
---[33]. Girl Guides and the Wearing of Trousers,
---[34]. The Shaving of the Beard,
---[35]. Imitation of the West in All Matters,
---[36]. The Abandonment of the Arab Shoe,
---[37]. The Diifference Between the Languages of Europe and 'Arabic,'
---[38]. The increase in Schools and Colleges,
----------Translator's Note.
---[39]. Western Hairstyles,
----------Translator's Note.
---[40]. Murder becomes Widespread,
----------Translator's Note.
---[41]. Strikes and Demonstrations,
---[42]. Darwin and the Theory of Evolution,
---[43]. Dajjal shall not be Mentioned,
---[44]. The Incease in Earthquakes,
---[45]. Oriental Nations and Islamic Freindship,
---[46]. Mischievous Disposition and Weakness of Iman (Faith),
---[47]. Police Weapons against Islam,
---[48]. The Shortage of True Friends,
---[49]. Supplications go Unaccepted,
---[50]. New Etiquettes and Manners,
---[51]. The Dissenssion of the 'Ulema,
---[52]. Decisions that go Against the Qur'an and Sunna,
----------Translator's Note.
---[53]. Recounting the Favours of Allah the Almighty,

---Translator's Conclusion.




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Dimensions : 21 x 14cm.

NB: Sub-continent print, some wear/marks to covers (this is normal). Print is decent by usual subcontinental standards.



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