The Blossom of Youth : New

The Blossom of Youth : New,
'Moral & Socio-Religious Solution
to the Global Aids Pandemic
*[A5] Paperback - 135 pages,
by Mawlana Shah 'Abd al-Alim Siddiqi al-Qadiri [d.1373h],
Transl. by M. Muhammad Hadi Qadri,
Published by Sufi Pages.



Description :

Nowadays, claims are made that man is advancing very rapidly and will soon reach the peak of perfection. Man's advancements in technology, science, chemistry, discoveries, etc, have created a new dimension in this world.  

People have generally regarded technological advancements as incredible achievements for mankind. But if one carefully ponders over these special abilities and knowledge on which the West relies for its survival, then certainly, one will reach the conclusion that day by day man is not progressing, but in fact regressing. The increase in numbers of an entity does not prove the increase of advancement or progress of that entity. A correct conclusion can be achieved after pondering carefully at all factors. For example, 200 years ago in a community of 100 thousand people, within 10 years it was found that there was an increase of 10 thousand perfectly healthy, and strong people among them. On the contrary, nowadays there is not such a high rate of increase of healthy people in communities. In fact in a community of 100 thousand people, one will find the rate of a maximum of 20 or 25 thousand and that too, most of them are weak, sick and disabled. Would you sincerely classify this as an inrease or decrease ? Excessive sickness, weak physique  and decrease in productivity which are abnormal to natural growth rate clearly proves that the productive sperm or special powers of thehumankind were not hindred in progress but alsoo not protected as it should have been, otherwise such a situation would not have prevailed.

If a single seed is planted in the correct season and enviroment and cared for strictly according to the rules of cultivation, then there is great hope of a healthy harvest. The same applies to the seed of the human (sperm) when it is haphazardly thrown on infertile or polluted places or illegitimately planted. The end result of such transaction will indeed produce disastrous and non-progressive societies. There is no shortage of doctors and medication, yet there is ahuge population of sick people seeking medical assistance.

It is therefore essential for all humans for the sake of salvation and protecting the real essence of man to formulate methods of correctly utilising its special powers blessed by its Creator, Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala.


Protect your sperm as much as you can for verily,
It is the water of life stored in the delicate womb.


Which country in the world is struggling to rectify or stop the corruption of abuse of the core of humankind that is destroying nations and threatening its future generations? The think-tanks of governments are totally ignorant or careless of this important reality. A true and sincere person will be concerned and cry tears of blood when he sees the destruction of a nation and its youth. The reader will find the drops of these same tears of blood scattered in the contents of this book. The pages of this book are no illusions or fantasies nor are they theory or medical prescriptions or the speculation of lawmakers. They are sincere words from the depths of the heart soaked in pain and concern for the youth of the world.---Muhammad Abd al-Alim al-Siddiqi.



About the Author :

Mawlana Shaykh Abd al-Alim Siddiqui, al-Qadiri, rahmatullahi 'alayh, was born on 15th Ramadan 1310 hijri in Meerut, India. He hails from the noble Siddiqui family who are direct descendants of 'Amir al-Mominin' Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr al-Siddique, radi Allahu ta'ala anhu, in the 37th generation. His father, Hadrat Mawlana 'Abd al-Hakim Siddiqui al-Qadiri, rahmatullahi 'alayhi, was a distinguished scholar and a high ranking 'Alim of Din. He was also devout Sufi Master of the Qadiriyyah Spiritual Order.

Mawlana Abdul Alim al-Siddiqui learned Arabic and Persian at an early age, until his elder brother, Mawlana Shah Ahmad Mukhtar Siddiqui, rahimhullah, who was also a respected scholar in his own right, took him to Bareilly Shareef and handed him over to the great Mujaddid, Arif e Billah A'laHadrat Imam Ahmad Rida Khan, Muhaddith al-Barelwi, may Allah sanctify his secret. Here he was groomed in many Islamic sciences including strenuous spiritual training in tasawwuf under the supervision of the Shaykh al-Akbar [A'laHadrat] of his time. He was an influential orator and addressed a huge crowd at a Mawlid Celebration at the tender age of nine years. This was his first public speech and he spoke on the Excellence of Sayyiduna Rasulullah, Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam. After spiritual perfection, A'laHadrat bestowed on him the Khilafah of the Qadiriyyah Barkatiyyah Silsilah. It was here that the ardent love of the Beloved Habib, Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam, was injected into his heart that transformed him into a perfect human (Insan al-Kamil). Besides his noble father and AalaHadrat Imam Ahmad Rida Khan, alayhi ar-Rahman, some of his other notable teachers were :

  a] Mawlana 'Abd al-Hayy Farangi Mahalli,
  b] 'Arif Billah Shaykh Ahmad al-Shams Shamil of Morocco,
  c] Shaykh al-Sanusi of Libya,
  d] Hakim Ah'tasham al-Din [taught him Tibb :Unani Medicine].

In Madinah al-Munawwarah he was lovingly called 'Tabib al-Hindi'  (The Indian Physician).Mawlana was also a celebrated poet and used 'Alim as his poetic pen name.  He also studied at the Punjab University where he obtained a degree in Oriental languages. Mawlana was fluent in many languages, namely urdu, Arabic, Persian, German, Japanese and Suhaili.

Till this day, Hadrat Mawlana is recognised and accepted as the 'Roving Ambassador of Islam' for his invaluable services to Islam and Muslims Internationally. He travelled extensively to the four corners of the globe and preached Islam. Numerous pesons embraced Islam on his hands and millions benefited from his services of Din. In his tours, he met with leaders of every religion and faith exchanging views not only on Religion but also on political and social dimensions. His approach and presentation of Islam won the hearts of many intellectuals and statesmen, who reverted to Islam on his hands. He not only propagated Islam wherever he went, but he also established socio-religious centres that to this day are rendering invaluable services to the masses.

Hadrat Mawlana as an ardent Lover of of the Beloved Habib, Sayyiduna Muhammad, Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam, ... he always prayed to die and be buried in the sacred city of Madina al-Munawwarah. His wish was granted when he departed at the age of 63 years in 1373 Hijri and was laid to rest at the feet of Umm al-Mominin Sayyidah Ayesha Siddiqah, radi Allahu ta'ala anha, in Jannat al-Baqi.





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