Guidance of a Sufi Master: New

Guidance of a Sufi Master from Kashmir : New,
Hadrat Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Wahid [d.2013]
*[A5+] Paperback - 205 pages,
by Dr Muzamil Khan,
Independently Published Sept 2020,
Printed in Turkey.

Back in Stock December 2020
Description :

A timely follow-up to the first-ever English biography of the great Naqshbandi master of Gulhar Sharif: Qibla Hadrat Sahib (may God sanctify his secret). “Sometimes people can live with a saint all their life but know nothing of his reality.” Hadrat Sahib was no exception; he continues to remain an enigma. Discover the untold tales which unearth the great wisdom and insight from a master who sought to impart guidance to his followers and the masses.
Guidance of a Sufi Master from Kashmir is a beautiful book about the teachings, guidance and anecdotes of a Naqshbandi sufi saint. The first part consists the shaykhs letters, composed mainly with a certain sombreness. The second part of the book contains advice to his devotees and the masses. The final part consists of anecdotes and the stories he taught. I should add a caveat that relates to this or indeed any book about our master; Hadrat sahib is an enigma and cannot be understood merely by the written word.

Table of Contents :

------The Spiritual Movement.
---Part One; Letters,
------Health Matters,
------Domestic Dilemmas,
------Financial Problems,
------Educational Worries,
------Various Matters,
---Part Two: Counsels,
------The Five Pillars,
------The Lucky Seven,
------Sayyiduna Abu Bakr al-Siddiq's Advice,
------Imam Jafar al-Sadiq said avoid the company of 5 people,
------Shaykh Dhu'l Nun al-Misri stated that 6 things corrupt one's deeds,
------Hadrat Ibrahim al-Khawwas stated that 5 things can cure the illness of the heart,
------General Advice,
------Haram is Harmful,
------The Disease of the Heart,
------Remembrance of Allah,
------Shaykh 'Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani,
------Imam al-Rabbani Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi,
------Importance of the Sunnah,
------Three Aspects of Islamic Law,
------Free Time,
------Sow Now, Reap Later,
------Be with Allah, Always,
------Keep Away from the Wealthy,
------Real Illness,
------Virtue of Salah,
------Special Time,
------Real Progress,
------The Blessing of Ramadan,
------Stay near the Awliya,
------Good Manners with the Master,
------Twelve Spiritual Sayings.
---Part Three: Anecdotes;
------Respect and Service,
------Twin Passions; Horses and Mosques,
------Two Pious Thieves,
------Wise Mare,
------Love for Mosques,
------Old is Blessed,
------The Path,
------Not my Way,
------Inner and Outer,
------The Armies of Allah; Holy People,
------Arrows in the Dark,
------Effect of Good and Evil,
------Eid Holiday,
------Khawaja Khan Alam,
------Useless Knowledge,
------Unseen Provisions,
------Sain Faqirullah,
------Visiting a Gurdwara,
------The Jinn Student,
------Wadday Mian,
------Luck Charm,
------Mistri Sahib; Salafi Sufi,
------Adventures of a Farmer,
------More Short Sayings/Anecdotes,
------Reverence for Books,
------Disrespect of Teachers,
------Follow Instructions,
------Midnight Shower.
---Sufi Shaykhs Hadrat Sahib has Met,
------Chura Sharif,
------Alipur Sharif,
------Mohra Sharif,
------Sirhind Sharif,
------Bafa Sharif,
------Delhi Khanqah Sharif,
------Eidgah Sharif,
------Bawali Sharif,
------Dangrot Sharif,
------Golra Sharif,
------Baghar Sharif,
------Lillah Sharif,
------Behra Sharif,
------Other Shuyukh.
---The Ulama Hadrat Sahib has met,
---The Shrines Hadrat Sahib has Visited,
---Hadrat Sahib's Reading List,
---List of some of the old Sangis,
Spiritual Chains of Transmission ;
---Naqsbandiyya Mujaddidiyya Sayfiyya,
---Naqsbandiyya Mujaddidiyya Zubayriyya,
---Qadiriyya Shattariyya,

---The Family Lineage.
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also by Dr Muzamil Khan. Now available.

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  • Written by: Dr Muzamil Khan

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