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The Ghazi Sultans : New
The Ghazi Sultans : New
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Details:  The Ghazi Sultans
& The Frontiers of Islam : New,
'A Comparative Study'
*[A5+] Paperback -206 pages,
by Ali Anooshahr,
Published by Routledge.

Description :

"The Ghazi Sultans and the Frontiers of Islam : A Comparative Study of the Late Medieval and Early Modern Periods."

The Ghazi Sultans were frontier holy-warrior kings of late medieval and early modern Islamic history. This book is a comparative study of three particular Ghazis in the Muslim world at that time, demonstrating the extent to which these men were influenced by the actions and writings of their predecessors in shaping strategy and the way in which they saw themselves.

Using a broad range of Persian, Arabic and Turkish texts, the author offers new findings in the history of memory and self-fashioning, demonstrating thereby the value of intertextual approaches to historical and literary studies. The three main themes explored include the formation of the ideal of the Ghazi king in the eleventh century, the imitation thereof in fifteenth and early sixteenth century Anatolia and India, and the process of transmission of the relevant texts.

By focusing on the philosophical questions of ‘becoming’ and ‘modelling’, the author Ali Anooshahr has sought alternatives to historiographic approaches that only find facts, ideology, and legitimisation in these texts.

Ali Anooshahr is an Associate Professor of History at the University of California, Davis. He is a scholar of Islamic Empires and focuses particularly on the transmissions of texts and individuals along networks that connected India, Iran, Central Asia, and the Ottoman Empire.

Table of Contents :

---Notes on Transliteration,

---[1]. How Zahir al-Din Muhammad Babur became a Ghazi :
-------Theoretical Foundations,
-------Babur and Literature,
-------Babur and Ghazi lore,
-------The Climax of the Battle of Khanua.

---[2]. Disclaiming Timur’s Inheritance and the Rise of the Mughal Empire :
-------The Timurid Legacy,
-------Babur's Association with Timur and others,
-------Assuming the Masque of the Ghazi king,
-------The Problem of Communication and Reception.

---[3]. The Origins of the Ghazi King :
-------Brief Historical Narrative,
-------Ghaza in the Transoxiana before Mahmud,
-------The Episodic Narratives of Mahmud's Ghaza's,
-------The Role of Mahmud in crafting his Ghaza Narratives,
-------Mahmud's Role Models,
-------Mahmud's exposure to and Modeling of Literature,
-------The Political and Historical Context.

---[4]. Inventing the Image of the ‘Founder King’ :
-------Austerity and Dissipation,
----------The simple general,
----------Ascetic and extravagant rulers,
----------The austere, compassionate, God-protected Turkish Ghulam,
-------Sebuktegin Embodying these Virtues and Contrasted with Mahmud,
-------The Tinge of Asceticism, and the Compassionate Turk,
----------Theoretical justification,
----------The text,
----------The road,
----------The Prophet Khidr, alayhi salam,
-------How this Image was used to Justify the Fall of the Ghaznavids.

---[5]. The Triad of Kings :
-------Nizam al-Mulk, Ghaza, and the Triad of Kings,
-------Jalal al-Din Khwarazmshah and 'Utbi's Yamini,
-------Ghaza in Mongol Anatolia.

---[6]. Tatars and Ottomans :
-------Correspondence between Bayezid and Timur,
-------Mongols, Rum and the Fourteenth Century,
-------The Dissoluteness of Bayezid.

---[7]. The Ghazas of Sultan Murad II :
-------Mehmed and Sharukh,
-------Translating the History Books of Ghaza,
-------The Sultan of Ghazis, Murad II in his Letters,
-------The Ghazi Sultan and Ottoman Dynastic Histories.



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