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The Sacred Trusts
The Sacred Trusts
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Details:  The Sacred Trusts : Pavilion of the Sared Relics,
Hardback with matching Golden Outer Protective Box - 350 pages,
Compiled by Hilmi Aydin.

         Relics from the Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul, Turkey,


Product Description
: This gorgeous, full-colour photographic guide reveals the marvelous collection of the sacred relics at the Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul, which houses more than 600 invaluable belongings from Prophets such as Abraham, Moses, Peace be upon them, and Prophet Muhammad, May Allah bless him and grant him peace, as well as a number of Muslim saints.

Excavated from the most restricted rooms of the palace, the entire selection—including the pieces that are not on exhibit for daily visits—is compiled here for the first time in this fundamental handbook, making it perfect for students interested in Ottoman history, sacred relics of the Ottoman rule, or the broader Islamic heritage.

About the Author: Hilmi Aydin was the head of the Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul. He has written and lectured on art history and museum tradition in Turkey.

Further Information :

A first time comprehensive album presenting the marvelous collection of the Sacred Relics in Topkapi Palace Museum , Istanbul.

The Sacred Relics entrusted to the reader :

Topkapi Palace was the residence of many Sultans and welcomed many visiting kings and ambassadors for centuries. However, what makes the palace so special is not only the former residents, but the Sacred Relics, which include personal belongings of prophets. Excavated from the most private and hidden rooms of the palace, the entire selection is compiled here for the first time, including those that are not on exhibit for daily visits. From the staff of Prophet Moses to the Mantle of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon them, the Sacred Relics which Ottomans preserved in Topkapi Palace for centuries paying utmost respect, are presented in this book.

When Sultan Selim returned from the Egyptian campaign (1517), he brought to Istanbul the Sacred Relics from the treasuries of the Mamluk state, Abbasid Caliphate, and Hijaz Emirate.

Sultan Selim I began to collect the Sacred Relics at Topkapi Palace , and his successors continued the tradition until the beginning of the twentieth century. The sultans gathered the relics of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and other great Muslims, as well as items from respected religious sites. At the beginning of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, protecting relics from potential damage by the Wahhabis was a major concern. The Wahhabis thought those who showed reverence to objects were guilty of polytheism, so relics were sent to Istanbul for protection and care. During World War I, when the surrender of Madina was being considered, the city's guardian, Fahreddin Pasha, sent a number of valuable gifts which had been received over the centuries, along with some Sacred Relics, to Istanbul.

Most of these are preserved in the Topkapi Palace Treasury Collection. Today, there are 605 items registered in the Topkapi Palace Museum Division of Sacred Relics. Moreover, there are many objects that can be considered Sacred Relics cataloged in the museum's treasury, arms, clothes, and library divisions.

The items that belonged to the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, are called Amanat (Trusts), while the items belonging to other great Muslims or sacred places are called Tabarrukat (Sacred Objects). Today, all the items are called “Sacred Relics,” but in the past they were registered as Blessed Relics ( Al-Amanat al-Mubaraka ).

The Ottomans did not attribute any holiness to material objects; yet, they were well aware that property belonging to the Messenger of God, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, had a share of divine blessings.

Tahsin Öz wrote the following in his book Emanat-i Mukaddese [The Sacred Relics] published in 1953:

          “The Sacred Relics were collected thanks to various historical manifestations
            of fate throughout centuries. This treasure passed to Turks piece by piece
            by efforts motivated by faith and sometimes by fortune. It is clear that they
            are not only sacred objects collected and preserved with a religious bond
            and love, but are valuable by world standards artistically and historically
            as well. The care and traditional respect shown for the protection of these
            sacred objects so far has been infinite. As long as we exist, this sacred
            duty will be performed with love, respect, and honour

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