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Sayyidi Qutb e Madinah : New
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Islam in India : Qanun i Islam
Islam in India : Qanun i Islam
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Details:  Islam in India, or the Qanun i Islam : New,
'The Customs of the Musalmans of India,'
*[A5] Paperback - 414 pages,
by Ja'far Sharif,
Edited by Dr. William Crooke,
Published by Routledge.

Description :

'Islam in India or the Qanun i Islam. The Customs of the Musalmans of India.' First published in 1832, this work was at the time considered an authoritative account of the beliefs and practices of the Musalmans (Muslims) of India.

This 1921 reprint includes an introduction from the editor, Dr William Crooke, which presents what is known about both Ja’far Sharif and the translator, G. A. Herklots. It also distinguishes the original material from the changes made by the translator and compares the book with other similar works published in the nineteenth-century.

This book will be of interest to those studying the history of Islam, the history of ethnography and the British Empire.

Table of Contents :

---Author’s Preface;
---Preface by the Translator, Dr Herklots;
---Introduction to the Present Edition;
---List of Illustrations;

---[1]. Ethnography,
---[2]. Birth,
---[3]. Rites After Birth,
---[4]. Initiation, Birthdays,
---[5]. Circumcision,
---[6]. Growth and Education,
---[7]. The Coming of Age of a Girl and a Boy,
---[8]. Marriage,
---[9]. Death,
---[10]. The Foundations of Islam,
---[11]. Prayer,
---[12]. Bows and Oblations: Some Indo-Musalman Saints,
---[13]. Religious Buildings and Appliances for Worship,
---[14]. The Muharram Festival,
---[15]. The Terah Tezi and Akhiri Charshamba Festivals,
---[16]. The Barah Wafat: New Year and Spring Festivals,
---[17]. The Festival of Saint Pir-I-Dastagir,
---[18]. The Festival of the Saint Zinda Shah Madar,
---[19]. The Festival of the Saint Qadirwali Sahib,
---[20]. The Saints Rajab Salar,
---[21]. The Shab-I-Barat Festival,
---[22]. The Ramazan Festival,
---[23]. The Festival of Saint Banda Nawaz, Gesu Daraz,
---[24]. The ‘Idu-L-Fitr Festival,
---[25]. The Baqar ‘Id Festival,
---[26]. Magic,
---[27]. Amulets and Charms,
---[28]. Magical Methods,
---[29]. The Magical Detection of Thieves,
---[30]. Travelling, Lucky and Unlucky Days,
---[31]. Sufi Mysticism,
---[32]. Dress, The Toilet,
---[33]. Jewellery,
---[34]. Food and Drink,
---[35]. Intoxicants, Stimulants,
---[36]. Games;


Also see Islamic History,
Homepage for Sufism.

*Dimensions : 21.6 x 14 x 2.8cm.

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