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The History of al-Tabari, The Caliphate of Yazid
The History of al-Tabari, The Caliphate of Yazid
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Details:  The History of al-Tabari : Vol XIX, New,
The Caliphate of Yazid b. Mu'awiyah,
Volume 19, Ta'rikh al-Rusul wa'l-Muluk,
*[A5] Paperback - 264 pages,
by Imam Abu Jafar al-Tabari [d.310h],
Transl. by .K.A. Howard,
Edited by Ehsan Yar-Shater,
Published by SUNY Press, USA.

Description  :

Ta'rikh al-Rusul wa'l-Muluk : The History of The Prophets & Kings by Imam al-Tabari, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi.

The Caliphate of Yazid bin Mu'awiyah, This 19th volume presents for the first time in English, the caliphate of Yazid. Yazid was not accepted as a legitimate caliph by many of the leading Muslims of the time, and, therefore, Imam al-Tabari has concentrated his account of Yazid's caliphate almost entirely on the opposition to him. This opposition had its leadership in two of the leading Islamic figures of the time, al-Husayn, the son of the caliph 'Ali, and Ibn al-Zubayr, may Allah be pleased with them all, a leading Muslim who felt that he had had some claims to the caliphate himself. The first revolt was led by al-Husayn. This revolt, although ineffectual in military terms, is very important for the history of Islam, as al-Husayn came to be regarded by Shi'ite Muslims as the martyred Imam; his martyrdom is still commemorated every year by them.

In his account Imam al-Tabari has preserved for us some of the earliest historical writing on the subject. The amount of space he devotes to this event shows the importance it had already assumed by his own time. The second revolt, that of Ibn al-Zubayr, was much more serious in immediate terms. The revolt or civil war can be divided into two stages. This volume covers the first stage, ending with the timely death of Yazid, which saved Ibn al-Zubayr from defeat.

About Imam al-Tabari :

He is Abū Jaʿfar Muhammad b. Jarīr al-Tabarī (d. 310/923). Imam al-Tabari, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi, is one of the most famous Muslim scholars of the classical Islamic civilisation. He composed numerous books in Arabic in the fields of Islamic law, Qur’ān commentary, and history.

The only two of the larger works of Al-Tabari's to survive are his 'History of Messengers and Kings' (Tarikh al-Rasul wa al-Muluk) also referred to as 'History of al-Tabari' and his Qur’ānic commentary, 'The Comprehensive Exposition of the Interpretation of the Verses of the Qur’ān' (Jami` al-Bayan `an ta'wil ay al-Qur'an).
Imam  at-Tabari died at the age of 85 in the year 923 A.C. (310 H).

Table of Contents :

---Translator's Foreword.

---[1]. The Events of the Year 60 (cont'd) (680);
-------The Attack of 'Amr b. al-Zubayr,
-------The Kufans' Invitation to Husayn and the Mission of Muslim b. 'Aqil,
-------Continuation of 'Ammar al-Duhni's Account from Abu Ja'far,
-------Abu Mikhnaf's Account,
-------Al-Husayn's Departure from Mecca for al-Kufah,
-------Continuation of 'Ammar al-Duhni's Account from Abu Ja'far.

---[2]. The Events of the Year 61 (6801681);
-------The Names of the Banu Hashim Killed with al-Husayn and the Number of Those Killed from Every Tribe Which Fought against Him,
-------The Death of Mirdas b. 'Amr b. Hudayr,
-------The Appointment of Salm b. Ziyad,
-------Yazid's Dismissal of 'Amr b. Sa`id as Governor of Medina and His Appointment of al-Walid b. 'Utbah.

---[3]. The Events of the Year 62 (681/682);
-------The Arrival of a Delegation of the People of Medina to Yazid b. Mu'awiyah.

---[4]. The Events of the Year 63 (682/683);

---[5]. The Events of the Year 64 (683/684);
-------The Death of Muslim b. 'Uqbah and the Bombardment and Burning of the Ka'bah,
-------The Cause of the Burning of the Ka'bah,
-------The Number of Yazid b. Mu'awiyah's Sons'

---Bibliography of Cited Works

Also see Islamic History.

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Other works of Imam al-Tabari.

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