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The Muhammadan Bounties : New
The Muhammadan Bounties : New
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Makkah Musk 3ml
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Rethinking Islam & the West
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Ali ibn Abi Talib : The Fourth Caliph
Ali ibn Abi Talib : The Fourth Caliph
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Details:  Ali ibn Abi Talib : New,
'The Fourth Caliph of Islam'
*[A5+] Paperback - 32 pages,
by Maria Khan,
Published by Goodword Books.

Description :

Ali ibn Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him, the cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad, , was also one of the members of the Prophet's household.

The Prophet,  took him into his care when he was only 5 years old and gave him an excellent upbringing. And from then onwards, he remained with the Prophet's daughter Fatima, may Allah be pleased with her, after the migration to Madinah. In fact, he was so close to the Prophet, , that once the Prophet,  said to him, "You are of me and I of you." This closeness, however, entailed great responsibility along with constantly being tested with trying situations.

Contents :

---The Clan of Banu Hashim,
---Abu Talib,
---The Prophet, , takes Ali into his care,
---Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, embraces Islam,
---Banu Hashim invited to accept the Faith,
---Makkan Opposition,
---Abu Talib's unswerving support for the Prophet, ,
---Banu Hashim put under a ban,
---Abu Talib's Death,
---Islam comes to Madinah,
---The Prophet's, , Migration and Ali's Role,
---Ali's Marriage to Fatimah, may Allah be pleased with them,
---Fatimah and Ali, may Allah be pleased with them,
---The Treaty of Hudaybiyyah,
---The Importance of Dawah,
---Ali's Profound Knowledge of Islam,
---Ali's Justice as Caliph,
---The Simple Life of Ali, may Allah be pleased with him,
---Ali's Passing Away.

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*Dimensions : 22.9 x 17.8cm.

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