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Black Seed Oil : Original
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Folklore of the Holy Land
Folklore of the Holy Land
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Details: Folklore of the Holy Land : New,
'Muslim, Christian and Jewish,'
*[A5] Paperback - 318 pages,
by J.E. Hanauer,
Edited by Marmaduke Pickthall,
Published by Islamic Book Trust.

Back in Stock May 2019

Description :

Although Muslims comprised the largest community in Palestine, which had been governed by successive Muslim rulers, there were also significant numbers of Christians and Jews. These three populations managed to co-exist in everyday life for centuries. This book vividly illustrates how ordinary people managed to use humour and other coping mechanisms to make this arrangement work.

Of special interest are the stories of the Jinn, magical beings that correspond to the European fairies, the accounts of folk-magic, and folklore from all three religions about biblical topics.

James (John) Edward Hanauer (18501938) was an author, photographer, and Canon of St. George's Cathedral in Jerusalem. Descended from Swiss and Jewish ancestors, he was born in Jaffa, Palestine. He was employed by Charles Warren's expedition to the Transjordan, as a translator and assistant photographer, the beginning of his interest in research on the antiquities and folklore of the region and leading to his involvement with the Palestine Exploration Fund.

His papers and correspondence were published in the Quarterly Statement of that British society after 1881, which also issued his booklet Table of the Christian and Muhammadan Eras in 1904; he was supplied with high quality photographic equipment to supplement his productions. He died at the age of 88 at his home in Jerusalem.

Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall (1875 - 1936) is best known in the Muslim world for his English translation of the Holy Qur'an. Author of novels and poems, Pickthall who was born into a middle class and deeply religious Christian family converted to Islam in 1917, and was a strong critic of British colonialism.

Table of Contents :

---A Muhammadan Legend : Introductory and Apologetic,

Section 1. Treating of Traditions Concerning the Creation, and Various Saints, Sinners, & Miracles,
---[1]. A Learned Muslims Ideas on Cosmogony,
---[2]. Our Father Adam,
---[3]. Noah and Og,
---[4]. Job and his Family,
---[5]. Abraham, 'the Friend of God,'
---[6]. Lot and the Tree of the Cross,
---[7]. The Deaths of Moses and Aaron,
---[8]. David and Solomon,
---[9]. Al-Khidr,
---[10]. Simon, the Just.

Section 2. Containing Legends and Anecdotes possibly founded on fact,

---[1]. Bab al-Jalil, the Jaffa gate of Jerusalem,
---[2]. Turbet Birket Mamilla,
---[3]. Al-Nabi Dawud,
---[4]. Bab al-Asbat,
---[5]. Detective Stories,
---[6]. Scraps of Unwritten History,
---[7]. Judgements of Qaraqash,
---[8]. The Saragossan Purim,
---[9]. Sultan Mahmud's autograph,
---[10]. The right answer.

Section 3. Containing Stories and Anecdotes Illustrating Social Ideas, Superstitions, Animal and Plant-lore,

---[1]. Folks, Gentle and Simple,
---[2]. The Secret of Success,
---[3]. Origin of Three Well-known Sayings,
---[4]. Moral Tales,
---[5]. The Angel of Death,
---[6]. The Underground Folk - our betters - the Name of Allah be round about us!
---[7]. Nursery Tales,
---[8]. Satire,
---[9]. About Women,
---[10]. About Animals,
---[11]. About Plants,
---[12]. About Coffee,
---[13]. Some Magic Cures,
---[14]. A Popular Calendar and Some Sayings.

---Translation of a Typical Kemi' (Amulet).

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More Islamic History,
Also see Interfaith.

*Dimensions : 21.8 x 14.7 cm.

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