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The Ghazi Sultans : New
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Vatican Engagements : New
Vatican Engagements : New
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'A Muslim Theologian's Journey in Muslim-Catholic Dialogue'
*[A5] Paperback - 294 pages
by Aref Ali Nayed,
Published by Kalam Research & Media.

Description :

This volume brings together the writings of one of the Muslim world’s leading theologians, Aref Ali Nayed, and traces his engagement and dialogue with the Catholic Church and with Catholic scholarship. Nayed studied, taught and lived in Rome, and for the last two decades, has been one of the most articulate of Muslim interlocutors with the Catholic tradition and on contemporary dialogue and debates.

This volume includes the famous critique of Pope Benedict XVI’s Regensburg lecture and the subsequent debate, engagement and co-theologising with Catholic scholars on a range of theological and inter-faith issues. Nayed’s writings are characterised by a deep respect and rootedness in the Islamic scholarly tradition with a sophisticated openness to the world and its intellectual currents. The foreword is by Sohail Nakhooda, executive director of Kalam Research and Media

Dr. Aref Ali Nayed is Founder and Chairman of Kalam Research & Media (KRM). He has lectured on Islamic Theology, Logic, and Spirituality at the restored Uthman Pasha Madrasa in Tripoli, Libya, and was former Professor at the Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies (Rome); the International Institute for Islamic Thought and Civilisation (Malaysia), and Visiting Professor at Fatih Sultan Mehmet University in Istanbul.

Table of Contents :

---Foreword by Sohail Nakhooda,

Part One : The Regensburg lecture;
---1. Faith, Reason and the University: Memories and Reflections by Pope Benedict ---2. A Muslim's Commentary on Benedict XVI's "Faith, Reason and the University: Memories and Reflections" by Aref Ali Nayed,

Part Two : The Martinetti Debate;
---3. Unbridled Will or Logos? The God of Islam and the Christian God by Alessandro Martinetti,
---4. Our God and Your God is One, by Aref Ali Nayed,
---5. God Does Not Violate the First and Universal Principles of Being by Alessandro Martinetti.

Part Three : Debate with Michael Cuypers on Sacred Interpretation;
---6. Tradition as Seen by the Muslim Faith, Yesterday and Today by Michael Cuypers,
---7. On Muslim and Catholic Approaches to Sacred Hermeneutics by Aref Ali Nayed.

Part Four : The Bradley Lecture;
---8. Compassion and Understanding in Islam,

Part Five : The Yale Lecture;
---9. The Same God?

Part Six : Cardinal Tauran and the Eid Message;
---10. Christians and Muslims: Called to Promote a Culture of Peace by Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran,
---11. A Muslim's Message of Thanks for the Vatican's "Message for the End of Ramadan" by Aref Ali Nayed.

Part Seven : the Magdi Allam Controversy;
---12. "Benedict XVI Tells Us That We Must Conquer Fear" by Magdi Cristiano Allam,
---13. Comments on the Papal Baptism of Magdi Allam by Aref Ali Nayed,
---14. "Our Ailing World Did Not Need Another Provocation" Interview with El País,
---15. "May We Be Permitted to Express in Turn Our Own Displeasure" by Federico Lombardi.

Part Eight : A Common Word Initiative;
---16. The Promise of "A Common Word"
---17. Frequently Asked Questions About the "Common Word Initiative"
---18. Rome Press Conference,
---19. Interview on the "Common World" Initiative,
---20. From Security to Compassion,
---21. Caring for the Young.

Part Nine : Theological Essays and Lecture;
---22. Ayatology and Rahmatology: Islam and the Environment,
---23. Attacking the Essence :
-------On Why Muslims are so Hurt by the Danish Jyllands-Posten Outrage,
---24. The Usurpation of God's Greatness,
---25. Ibrahim and Islam,
---26. Dialogical Engagement as Vigilant Remembrance (Dhikr),
---27. Doubt and Certitude,
---28. The Muslim's Way to Allah,
---29. Reading Scripture Together: Toward a Sacred Hermeneutics of Togetherness.


Highly Recommended!

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