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Fulfilling your Trust
Fulfilling your Trust
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Bleu de Chanel
Bleu de Chanel
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Qur'an [3-U] 13 Lines Taj
Qur'an [3-U] 13 Lines Taj
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Tajweed : Darsi

Qaseedah Khaqaniyyah : Arabic & English
Qaseedah Khaqaniyyah : Arabic & English
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Details: Qaseedah Khaqaniyyah : Arabic & English, New,
'The First Ever Written Text in the Science of Tajwid,'
*[A5] Paperback / Booklet - 20 pages,
by Imam Abu Muzaahim al-Khaqani [d.352h],
Rendered into English by Mueen Khurshid,

Description :

In a time where there was no need to record the rules of tajweed, it's rules were preserved by means of oral transmission. The noble Companions (Sahaabah) and those that came after them (since many of them were Arabs and recitation of the Qur'an was studied and taught to them in abundance) preserved the rules of tajweed without any need to record them in textbooks.

However as time went on, those unfamiliar with the rules of tajweed began to be confused and appear oblivious of these rules. The Ummah was gradually becoming further away from the better generations of Muslims. Sensing a need, Imam Abu Muzaahim, may Allah be pleased with him, wrote the first known text on the science of tajweed.

Ar-Ra'iyyah or Qaseedah Khaqaniyyah consists of only 51 lines of poetry and focuses heavily on adab and sincerity. It briefly outlines the concepts connected with the science of tajweed without delving in too deep into the many rules. Written over 1100 years ago Qasida al-Khaqaniyyah is a historical work that shows us the humble approach and sincere manner with the Qur'an that the pious predecessors had.

The importance and significance of the science of qira'at (the science concerning the variant readings of the Qur'an) and it's inseparable connection to the science of tajweed can be seen in this text. The Imam indicated towards both sciences in many lines, and even indicated 4 to 5 lines to the 7 famous Imams of the qira'at.

Table of Contents :

---Transliteration Chart,

---Biography of Imam Abu Muzaahim,
------Early life & studies,
------His manners & his praise from others,

The Text : Qaseedah Khaqaniyyah :
---Arabic with English translation.

More Science of Tajweed books,
Also see Tajweed Qur'an.

*Dimensions : 21 x 15cm.

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