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Durood / Salawat

Virtues of Durood Sharif
Virtues of Durood Sharif
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  • Authored by: Allama Sajid ul-Qadri

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Details:   Virtues of Durood Sharif (2012 Edition),
With English Translation & Transliteration,
*[A5] Paperback - 240 pages,
Compiled by Sajid-ul-Qadri.
An Ahl us Sunnah Publication.

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Description :

Extract from the Preface :

The King of the Universe; Sayyadina Muhammad Mustafa, Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam, is the Most Beloved of Allah the Almighty. Undoubtedly he is the reason and essence of the Universe. Allah the Almighty created the Light of His Most Beloved Messenger, ﷺ, directly from His own light. And the rest of the Universe was created through the Light of our Beloved Prophet, ﷺ; Nur-e-Muhammadi

Allah the Almighty bestows upon our Beloved Master, ﷺ, all of the favours, and he in return distributes them. When Allah Almighty filled the lap of his most generous Prophet, ﷺ, with all of his favours, He directed His people towards his door and advised him : 'And whoever the beggar, so dont rebuke him' (al-Qur'an 10: 93) .

O' My Beloved Mustafa! Whoever comes to you, and whatever he asks for, dont refuse him, answer his question, fulfill his needs and do not return him empty handed!

In short, the only way to acheive Almighty Allah's blessings is to establish a link with His Beloved Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ. The best and most successful way to establish a strong link with Allahs Most Beloved, ﷺ, is to shower blessings (salawat) abundantly and excessively upon him.

Table of Contents :


---Divine Practice,
---The Holy Tradition,
---40 Hadith-e-Mubarak,
---Obligation of True Love,
---Narrations of Pious Personalities,
---Manners of Reciting Darood Shareef,.

---Durood Shareefs with meaning, transliteration (Arabic/English);
------[1]. Durood-e-Ibrahim,
------[2]. Durood-e-Khizri,
------[3]. Durood-e-Hazaarah,
------[4]. Durood-e-Ni'mat-e-Uzma,
------[5]. Durood-e-Busairi,
------[6]. Durood-e-Naariyah,
------[7]. Durood-e-Tunajinah,
------[8]. Durood-e-Maahi,
------[9]. Durood-e-Khamsah,
------[10]. Durood-e-Ghausiyyah,
------[11]. Durood-e-Habib,
------[12]. Durood-e-Mustajaab-e-Da'waat,
------[13]. Durood-e-Mustafa,
------[14]. Durood-e-Baatin,
------[15]. Durood-e-Mujtabaa,
------[16]. Durood-e-Ta'alluq,
------[17]. Durood-e-Haal-ul-Mushkilaat,
------[18]. Durood-e-Ali,
------[19]. Durood-e-Qu'raanii,
------[20]. Durood-e-Muhammadi,
------[21]. Durood-e-Kamaliyyah,
------[22]. Durood-e-Sa'adat,
------[23]. Durood-e-Qutab,
------[24]. Durood-e-Noori,
------[25]. Durood-e-Naqshbandiyyah,
------[26]. Durood-e-Shaazli,
------[27]. Durood-e-Afzal,
------[28]. Durood-e-Dawaami,
------[29]. Durood-e-Kawsar,
------[30]. Durood-e-Awwal,
------[31]. Durood-ul-'Aabideen,
------[32]. Durood-e-Qalbi,
------[33]. Durood-e-Shifa-ul-Qulub,
------[34]. Durood-e-Najaat,
------[35]. Durood-e-Mahmood,
------[36]. Durood-e-Hubb-i Rasul,
------[37]. Durood-e-Tiryaaq,
------[38]. Durood-e-Tayyib,
------[39]. Durood-e-Samaraat,
------[40]. Durood-e- Inaam,
------[41]. Durood-e-Shaaf'i,
------[42]. Durood-e-Izaaz,
------[43]. Durood-e-Wasilah,
------[44]. Durood-e-Itisaam,
------[45]. Durood-e-Nusrat,
------[46]. Durood-uz-Zaahideen,
------[47]. Durood-ut-Taalibeen,
------[48]. Durood-e-Madani,
------[49]. Durood-e-Bashaarat,
------[50]. Durood-e-Taaj.


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*Dimensions : 21.6 x 14.3cm.


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