Omar al Mokhtar : Lion of the Desert

 Omar al Mokhtar : Lion of the Desert : New,
"The Biography of Shaykh Umar al-Mukhtar"
*[A5] Paperback - 264 pages,
by Dr. 'Ali Muhammad al-Salabi,
Translated by Abdallah Elaceri,
Published by Al-Firdous Ltd.

Description :

Islamic History in North Africa : The Sanusi Movement in Libya, The Biography of the Great Shaykh : Umar al Mukhtar also known as the Lion of the Desert, His Upbringing, Activities and Martyrdom.

Shaykh Umar al-Mukhtar, may Allah have mercy upon him, was a Muslim freedom fighter who fiercely defended the innocent civilians of Libya and resisted the Italian occupation of Ottoman Islamic State controlled Libya for 22 years until his capture and execution in 1931. This book relates the biography of this heroic figure in recent Islamic history

Shaykh Umar al-Mukhtar was born of righteous parents in either 1858 or 1862 (according to differing reports). He father Mukhtar Bin Umar was from the tribe of Al-Manfat and he was born in Al-Batnan in the Al-Jabal al-Akhdar region of Libya. He was bought up in a house that was full of dignity, piety and generosity, surrounded by the high-mindedness of the true Muslims and their sublime character, which they inherited from the teachings of the Sannusi movement, based upon the book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger, salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam.

Table of Contents :


---Description of Umar al-Mukhtar,
---His recitation of the Qur'an and worship,
---His bravery and generosity,
---His call to Islam and his jihad before the Italian occupation,
---The first battles of Shaikh Umar against the Italian occupation,
---Umar al-Mukhtar's trip to Egypt,
---The battle of Bi'r al-Ghabiy,
---The battle of Um al-Shafateer,
---The martydom of Hussein Al-Juwaifi and Al-Mukhtar bin Muhammad in the battle of Abyar Az-Zuzat [13.8.1927],
---Continuation of military operations and negotiation between the two sides,
---The final call,
---Betrayal and treason,
---The appointment of Grazziani as ruler of Barqah and as a delegate to Marshall Badoglio,
---The 'flying' court,
---Secluding the mujahidin and placing tribes in collective detention centres,
---Umar al-Mukhtar changes the war strategy,
---The martydom of Al-Fudail Abu Umar,
---The occupation of Al-Kafrah,
---A letter from Umar al-Mukhtar to Shaqib Arsalan,
---The last days in the life of Umar al-Mukhtar :
------His detention and execution,
---The 'Lion' in custody,
---Umar al-Mukhtar in the prison of Benghazi,
---Umar al-Mukhtar comes face to face with Grazziani,
---The trial of Umar al-Mukhtar,
---The execution of 'Shaykh al-Jihad' in Libya.

More Islamic History,
Also see The Sanusi Creed.

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