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Shaykh, Mureed & the Spiritual Path
Shaykh, Mureed & the Spiritual Path
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Details:  Shaykh, Mureed & the Spiritual Path, New,
A Treatise in Tariqah in light of the works
of A'laHadhrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan
*[A5] Paperback - 69 pages,
by Muhammad Imran Ali al-Qadiri al-Radhawi al-Attari,
Published by Ilm City.

Back in Stock October 2020

Description :

Shaykh, Mureed & the Spiritual Path - In light of the fatwa and works of A'la Hadhrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan, may Allah be pleased with him.

This is an extremely rare work in the English language containing unique research and clarification not found in even the ancient texts of Jurisprudence and Mysticism. The aim of this book is to clarify misconceptions and guide one to the true path of salvation and spirituality.

Question :

"If a person does not have a ‘Shaykh’[1], will he attain ‘Falaah’[2]? And if he does not have a ‘Shaykh’, will Satan be his Master?

Bear in mind that Allah Almighty has stated, وَابْتَغُواْ إِلَيهِ الْوَسِيلَةَ  “And find a means towards him” (Al-Qur'an, S.5, V.35)

Additionally, in many books of Sufism and Mysticism it is stated, “Satan is the teacher and guide for the one who does not have a ‘Murshid’ (i.e. spiritual guide)”! Furthermore, in the books of the spiritual sages it is also stated, “The one who does not have a ‘Shaykh’ will be deprived from ‘Falaah’ (success)”

Please answer with great detail so that the meanings and context of the above statements are clarified?

Contents  :



---Overview of Important Terms,

Detailed Discussion,

----Understanding Falaah (i.e. Salvation),
------1. Eventual Salvation,
------2. Absolute Salvation,
------2.1. Occurrence of absolute 'Falaah,'
------2.2. Hopeful Endeavour and Anticipation of Absolute Falaah,
------2.2.1. Exoteric Prosperity, Falaah Zaahir,
-------------Diseases of the Heart,
------2.2.2. Esoteric Prosperity, Falaah Batin,
-------------Wahdat ul Wujood.

---Types of Spiritual Guide,
------1. Murshid A'am, (i.e. the Universal Guide),
------2. Murshid Khaas' (i.e. the Particular Guide),
------2.1. Shaykh Ittisaal,
----------Four Fundamental Conditions of a Shaykh,
----------a. Sahih Silsilah,
----------Spiritual Chains are not inherited via Ancestry,
----------Broken Chains,
----------b. Sunni Sahih ul Aqidah,
----------c. Must be an Alim,
----------Blasphemy due to Ignorance,
----------Blasphemy Invalidates Bay'ah,
----------d. Must not be a Faasiq Mu'lin,
----------Note : Advice for the Masters,
------2.2. Shaykh Isaal, (the Guide of Spiritual Communion),
----------Attributes of an Advanced Shaykh,

---Types of Bay'ah : Initiation and Oath is of Two Types,
------1. Bay'ah Barakah (i.e. the allegiance of blessing),
---------The Immense Blessings in Bay'ah Barakah,
------2. Bay'ah Iraadah, (initiation of Will and Intent),
---------Do not object at the Grand Master,
---------The Objective Bay'ah.

---Exposition Concluding the Issue: Mutlaq Falaah,
------Separation from the General Shaykh,
------Bay'ah of the Universal Guide,

---Falaah Taqwa (i.e. Exoteric Prosperity),
------Taqwa is an obligation,
------Ihsaan is Immensely Desirable,
------Ihsaan is a Path only for the Select,
------Many Great Scholars did not Apparently do Bay'ah,
------An Intricate Ruling,
---Falaah Ihsaan (i.e. Esoteric Prosperity),
------The Path Fraught with Severe Difficulties,
------Satan lies Waiting, Ready to Ambush!
------Elaboration of an Intricate Matter,
------Guidance for the one who intends to step on the Mystical Path,
------The Higher the Path, the Greater the Fall,
------Diabolical Illusions and Deceptions,
------A Rare Scenario,
------About the one who attempts travel without a Shaykh & the doors remain shut.

---Wonders and Marvels in the Holy Qur'an,
------Secrets in the Qur'anic Verse,
---Clarification for the Higher Path of Embellishment.

---Summary of the Conclusion,
------Seven Important Points,
---In Closing.
---About the Publishers.

Also see The Reality of Spiritual Allegiance,
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Other works of Imam Ahmad Rida Khan,

*Dimension : 21.2 x 13.7cm.

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