Methodology for Study of the Qur'an

 Methodology for Study of the Qur'an : New,
*[A5] Paperback - 318 pages, 2nd Edition,
by Imran N. Hosein,
Ansari Memorial Series,
by INH Publications.

Description :

The continuous recitation of the Qur'an, cover to cover, constitutes an essential prerequisite for the study of the Qur'an. Whoever accepts the Qur'an as the revealed Word of the One God and does not continuously recite the Book, would be in disobedience of the very first word revealed in the Book, which was also a divine command, i.e., Read or Recite! Such conduct would qualify as forsaking or abandoning the Qur'an, and the Prophet, ﷺ, himself was made to complain to his Lord-God against such of his followers in a verse of the Qur'an.

And the Messenger of Allah, ﷺ, will say :

"O My Lord-God! Surely my people have forsaken this Qur'an"
(since, among other things, they no longer recite the Qur'an continuously)!
[Al-Furqaan, 25 : 30]

About the Ansārī Memorial Series :

The Ansārī Memorial Series of books is published in loving memory of Mawlānā  Dr. Muhammad Fazlur Rahmān Ansārī, rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi, (1914-1974) who was a Sufi Shaykh of the Qādiriyyah Sufi Order, a philosopher, an outstanding Islamic scholar of the modern age, a roving missionary of Islam, and my teacher and spiritual mentor of blessed memory.  My  love for him, and my continuously increasing admiration for both his Islamic scholarship as well as his philosophical thought, more than 40 years after his death, is such that I cherish  the very dust on which he walked.  See Islam to the Modern Mind.

Table of Contents :

---A Journey, Hadith.
---Ansārī Memorial Series,

Chapter One
---The Credentials of the Qur’ān as the Word of the One God,
---Absolute authenticity of the Qur’ān,
---One uniform unchanging text of the Qur’ān,
---Eternal literary excellence of text of Qur’ān with no revision ever necessary,
---Undiminished literary attraction of the Qur’ān,
---The challenge to those who doubt the status of the Qur’ān as the Word of the One God which was revealed to an Arab, who could neither read nor write,
---Those who reject the Qur’ān
---The believing Christian, the believing Jew, and the Qur’ān.

Chapter Two :
---Preparation for study through continuous daily recitation of the Qur’ān,
---When should the Qur’ān be recited?

Chapter Three :
---Preparation for study  through promptly acting in accordance with what is understood in the Qur’ān.

Chapter Four :
---Do not ignore – by-pass – or disrespect the Qur’ān in the pursuit of knowledge,
---Do not disrespect the Qur’ān!
---Do not by-pass the Qur’ān!

Chapter Five :
---Do not study any verse of the Qur’ān (or any Hadīth) in isolation,
---Wrong methodology lead to error concerning money,
---Wrong methodology lead to error concerning the age at which marriage is permissible.

Chapter Six :
---The verses of the Qur’ān are like the stars in the sky,
---Locating the system of meaning of a subject being studied in the Qur’ān,
---Harmony in the stars and in the Qur’ān.

Chapter Seven :
---System of meaning in the Qur’ān on the subject of consumption of intoxicants and curing addiction to alcohol.

Chapter Eight :
---System of meaning in the Qur’ān in the matter of Muslim relations with the Christian, the Jew, the Torah, Psalms and Gospel,
---What is the status of Christians and Jews when judged by the Qur’ān?
---The Qur’ān responds to the claim of Jews and Christians to possess a monopoly on Truth and Faith.

Chapter Nine :
---Ayāt Mutashābihāt (Verses To Be Interpreted),
---Āyāt Mutashābihāt : The Muqatta’āt,
------Āyah Mutashābiha : Pharaoh’s body,
------Āyah Mutashābiha : The Dream of Nabī Ibrāhīm, i.e., Abraham, 'alayhi salam,
------Āyah Mutashābiha : Pax Qarnain (i.e., the world-order of Dhūl Qarnain),
------Pax Qarnain – the journey to the West,
------Pax Qarnain – the journey to the East,
------Pax Qarnain – the enigmatic third journey,
------Qarnain : The second of the two Qarns,
------Rūm of the East and Rūm of the West.

Appendix 1 :
An Introduction to the Religious Thought of Maulānā Dr. Muhammad Fazlur Rahmān Ansārī,
---The Qur’ān and Rahmah (i.e., kindness, mercy, compassion)
---The Qur’ān and the Rational Faculty,
---The Qur’ān - the fountain of all Knowledge,
---The Qur’ān validates the Hadīth,
---Naskh – cancellation or abrogation of divine revelation,
---What Allah causes to be forgotten!
---Gog and Magog,
---The Imperative of Islamic Spirituality,
---A Spiritual Bond with Nabī Muhammad, ﷺ,
---Rejection of Sectarianism,
---A rare moment in time is gone – a golden opportunity is perhaps lost!


---Ansari Memorial Series.

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