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Quran Translation

Kanz ul Imaan : The Treasure of Faith
Kanz ul Imaan : The Treasure of Faith
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  • Authored by: Imam Ahmad Rida Khan

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Details:  A Translation of the Holy Qur'an,
in Simple Idiomatic English ; New,
The Treasure of Faith
: Kanz ul Imaan,
*[A4] Hardback with Dustjacket - 755 pages,
Arabic/English Text (Side by Side),
Based on the Urdu translation ''Kanzul Iman'' -
of AlaHadrat, Imam Ahmad Raza Khan [d.1340h],
Rendered into English by: Muhammad Aqib Farid al-Qadri..
Published by The Sunni Foundation [2014 Print Edition].

Description : About This Translation :

This is the latest print of the [English translation] Noble Qur’an - from the urdu translation called Kanz-ul-Iman;  by Imam Ahl al-Sunnat; AlaHadrat Mawlana ash-Shah Imam Ahmad Rida Khan, Al-Muhaddith al-Barelwi, 'alayhi ar-Rahman w'al ridwan. The urdu translation was completed in the year 1910, Common Era.

"This English Translation of Kanz ul Iman into modern English is by brother Muhammed Aqib Qadri. The translator in this version, has aimed, as far as possible an accurate and readable translation of Kanz ul Iman. Also the translator, to the best of his ability, has admirably attempted the best way of expressing the meanings of those urdu words and terms used by Imam Ahmad Raza, may Allah be pleased with him, in Kanz ul Iman.

It is hoped that the readers, with special interest in understanding the beliefs of Ahl as-Sunnah w'al-Jama'ah will find this translation clear, useful and enjoyable.---Mawlana Qamaruzzaman Azmi.

The literal translation of Arabic Qur’an conveying the same meaning is not only difficult but is near impossible. Therefore the translation of the Qur’an in any other language is usually an explanatory translation. However Imam al-Ahl-e-Sunnat Shah Ahmad Raza Khan's Urdu translation known as Kanz-ul-Iman is an explanatory translation. This explanatory translation of Urdu was completed in the beginning of 20th Century i.e. 1910. It is the most famous and accepted urdu translation by muslim’s belonging to the school of fiqh [jurisprudence] and the institution of the people of tradition and of the congregation in Indo-Pak sub-continent. This Qur'an has the Arabic text and English translation on the same page. Click on images below for interior pages.

What this Edition also Contains : Includes Qur'an Surah Name & Verse Number :

---Index of the List of Surahs (Chapters),
---Index of Selected Topics,
------Allah is the Provider,
------Allah is Absolutely Pure and Free from Lying,
------Allah is the True Owner and Master of All Things,
------Allah is the Creator of All Things,
------Only Allah is Worthy of Worship,
------Virtues of the 1st Caliph Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Siddeeq,
------The Holy Prophet's, ﷺ, Wives are from the Ahl al-Bayt,
------Virtues of the Ahl al-Bayt (The Prophetic Household),
------Virtues of the Sahabah (The Prophet's Companions),
------The Ummah of the Prophet is the Best of Nations,
------To Disconnect Allah from His Messenger is a sign of Faithlessness,
------To link Allah & His Messenger is a sign of Faith,
------The Awliya (Friends of Allah) are the Solvers of Challenges,
------The Beloveds of Allah can Hear, See and Help from Afar,
------Believers have Many Helpers,
------Seeking Help from other than Allah is Permissible,
------Virtues of Sayyidah 'Aisha Siddeeqa,
------Virtues of the 4th Caliph Sayyiduna 'Ali,
------Virtues of the 3rd Caliph Sayyiduna 'Uthman al-Ghani,
------Virtues of the 2nd Caliph Sayyiduna 'Umar al-Farooq,
------Intermediation (Tawassul) through the Prophets and Saints (Awliya),
------Intercession is only for the Believers,
------The Beloveds of God are Masters and Distibutors within Allah's Sovereignty,
------Creative laws (takwini ahkam) are given to some persons,
------The Supplication of the Parents & Saints, resulting in Births,
------Sinners are spared for the Sake of the Pious,
------Respect the Sacred Sites of the Pious and Saintly,
------The Supplications of the Saintly and Pious are Accepted,
------The Relics of the Pious are a Source for Seeking Blessings (Tabarruk),
------Miracles of the Friends of Allah (Awliya) are True,
------The Need for Prophetic Sayings (the Science of Hadith),
------Awliya min doo-nillaah is the devil (shaytaan),
------Remembrance of the Birth of the Prophet, ﷺ, is the Sunnah of God,
------Permissibility is the Essence of all things,
------Donating Rewards of Virtues (Isaale Sawaab) from the living to the deceased,
------Proof for Invoking the Deceased,
------The Beloveds' of God continue to help even after death,
------Life after Death,
------Social Norms (Adaab e Ma'aasharat),
------Morality and Ethics (Akhlaqyaat),
------Halal business transactions and Haram usurious interest,
------The Laws of Zakat and Sadaqat,
------Excellence of Knowledge ('ilm) and the Learned Scholars (Ulema),

About AlaHadrat; Imam Ahmad Raza Khan, May Allah be pleased with him. This great jurist and learned scholar of Islam was born in 1858 at Bareilly (India), and subsequently departed from this world in 1921. He was considered to be the most learned and authentic authority on Qur’an, Sunnah and jurisprudence by the majority of muslim’s in the Sub-continent. He was a prolific writer and authored approximately one thousand (1,000) books on varying levels of Islam. He devoted his entire life to the propagation of faith and the blessed traditions of the Beloved Messenger of Allah, Salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam. His main theme and focus was his devoted love of Allah, Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, and his Final Messenger Muhammad, Salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam. He could bear anything except for utterances against Islam, Allah, subhanahu wa Ta’ala, or any of His Messengers. He was a traditionalist and a true follower of the school of Imam al-Azam Abu Hanifa, Radi Allahu ta’ala anhu. He was a great mystic too and was a staunch lover of al-Ghawth al-A’zam Sayyadina ash-Shaykh Abd’ al-Qadir al-Jilani, Radi Allahu ta’ala anhu, of Baghdad shareef & 'Khawaja-e-Khawjagan' Muin al-Din Hasan Chisti al-Ajmeri, Radi Allahu ta'ala anhu.

Imam Ahmed Raza Khan's religious works had no parallel in his time. His ability, foresight, and depth of knowledge had been recognised by the Ulemas’ & Muftis of all the four schools of fiqh (jurisprudence) not only of the sub-continent but of the Haramayn Sharifain and other Muslim regions too. He was awarded certificates of recognition by the great teachers of Islamic learning when he visited the Haramayn Sharifain after performing Hajj (Pilgrimage) in the beginning of 20th Century. Though he has written numerous works, his two most famous works are the translation of the Noble Qur’an in Urdu (Kanzul Iman) and Fatawa-e-Razwiyyah in many large volumes.

 Qur'an Index of categories.
More AlaHadrat works.

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