Basic Farsi Grammar & Karima of Shaykh Sa'di

 Basic Farsi Grammar & Karima of Shaykh Sa'di Shirazi : New,
*[A5] Paperback - 167 pages, [English & Farsi]
by Imam Zein-Hud al-Azhari,
Karima by Shaykh Sa'di al-Shirazi,
Published by Zein Hud Publications,
Darul Qurra & Islamic Research Centre.




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Description :

Basic Farsi Grammar and Karima of Shaykh Sa'di Shirazi - In this book, respectable and courteous Allamah Zein Hud bin Muhammad Akhlaq has compiled the fundamental principles of Farsi grammar and the poem Karima, both of which I have carefully read and both are an indispensible service to the Farsi language.

The respected author has put huge effort into the grammar section of this book and as a result has expanded on the classical Farsi grammar literature with illustrations and elaborations, which is very commendable. In light of my 55 years yeaching experience, I think this book is beneficial for the beginner student of the Farsi language. Therefore, it should be added into the Farsi language syllabus. ---Faqih al-Asr Mufti Allamah Fazle Subhan al-Qadiri.

After the Arabic language, Farsi is recognised as the language that hosts the most amount of Islamic literature, expecially concerning 'Ilm al-Akhlaq, Tasawwuf and 'Aqaid by prominent scholars of the Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama'ah, such as Shaykh Shah Wali-Allah, Shaykh Abd al-Aziz, Shaykh Muhaqqiq 'Abd al-Haq Dehlawi, Mawlana Rumi, Shaykh Sa'di Shirazi and many more, may Allah be pleased with them all. Hence, due to its importance, this language is given a lot of regard and is very highly ranked among scholars.

Table of Contents :

---Farsi in the Indian Subcontinent,
---The Persian Alphabet,
---Making a Noun into Plural,
---Compound Nouns,
------The Possessive Compound,
------Longer Combinations,
---The Infinitive.

---The Past Tense,
------The Simple Past Tense,
------The Simple Past Passive Tense,
------The Negative Past Tense,
------Some Particles and their Meanings,
------Simple Sentence Structure,
------The Continuous Past,
------The Continuous Past Passive,
------The Near Past,
------The Near Past Passive,
------The Distant Past,
------The Distant Past Passive,
------The Past Subjunctive,
------The Past Subjunctive Passive,
------Expressing a Wish,
------Passive Voice.

---The Present Tense,
------The Present Tense of Budan,
------The Present Tense of Dashtan,
------The Present Tense from Other Verbs,
------Conjugation of the Present Tense,
------The Present Passive.

---The Future Tense,
------The Future Passive,

---The Present Subjunctive Tense,
---The Imperative Tense,
---The Prohibition Verbs,
---Definite and Indefinite Nouns,
---The Attribute Ya,
---Compound Verbs,
---The Present Participle,
---The Past Participle,
---The Relative Pronoun,
---Time Expressions,
---Some Common Farsi Phrases to Rehearse,
------Exercise: Translate the following Farsi Proverbs.

Karima of Shaykh Sa'di Shirazi :
---Complete Text of the Poem with English translation.

Also see Tuhfat al-Atfaal by Zein Hud Publications,
More Dars e Nizami (Islamic Studies) books.








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