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Rumi : The Masnavi, Book 4
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Du'a & Wazaif

Al-Hisnul Hasin (A5)
Al-Hisnul Hasin (A5)
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  • Authored by: Ibn al-Jazari

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Details:   Al-Hisnul Hasin - [English / Arabic].
A Comprehensive Collection of Masnoon Du'a
*[A5] Hardback - 308 pages,
Compiled by Imam Muhammad al-Jazari (d.791H),
Published by Islamic Book Service, India.

Back in Stock July 2020

Description :

This is an English translation of the famous supplication book called al-Hisnul Hasin. It is a comprehensive collection of masnoon du'as for all occasions, prayers, etiquette of du'a, and much more in Arabic with English translation.

A compilation of the supplications of our Most Beloved Prophet, May Allah bless him and grant him peace, written by the well known scholar of Ahadith, Allama Ibn Al-Jazri, May Allah be pleased with him. The original work is in Arabic and was translated later onto different languages.

It covers an introduction which details eleven parts just on du'as. The book then covers further du'as throughout the life of a Muslim, various forms of dhikr, virtues of reciting the Noble Qur'an, du'as recited by the Beloved Prophet, Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa 'aalihi wa Sallam, excellence of invoking Salawaat (darood) upon Rasoolullah, Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa 'aalihi wa Sallam, English with Arabic text.

Imam Muhammad Al-Jazri, 'alayhi ar-rahman, completed this work in the Islamic month of Dhil Hijjah of the year 791 AH in Damascus. One of his students writes the following epilogue whilst Damascus was under siege : "No Water was allowed to enter the centre of the city, the surroundings of the city have been put to fire and most of the villages in the surrounding have been destroyed"! At a time like this he says he made this book his sanctuary.

Table of Contents :

---[1]. Translation of the Khutbah of Al-Hisnul Hasin,


---[2]. Part 1: The Significance of Du'a,
---[3]. Part 2: The Virtues of Zikrullah or Remembrance of Allah,
---[4]. Part 3: The Adaab of Du'a or Invocation,
---[5]. Part 4: The Etiquette of Zikrullah,
---[6]. Part 5: Opportune Moments in which Du'as are Accepted,
---[7]. Part 6: Circumstances in which Du'as are Accepted,
---[8]. Part 7: Places wherein Du'as are Accepted,
---[9]. Part 8: Persons whose Du'as are Accepted with Certainty,
---[10]. Part 9: Al-lsm ul-A'zam and its effect in the Acceptance of Du'as,
---[11]. Part 10: Asmaa 'ul-Husnaa or The Beautiful Names of Allah Almighty,
---[12]. More Ahadeeth on the Excellence of Ismul-A 'zam,
---[13]. Part 11: Thanking Allah upon Du'as that have been Accepted.

Section 1 :

---Du'as to be Recited in the Morning & Evening, during the Day and Night, During Every Aspect of Human Life, During all Circumstances & During all Moments until Death. 

---[14]. Du'as to be Recited in the Morning and Evening,
---[15]. For Debts and Removing Grief and Sorrow,
---[16]. Special Du'a for the Evening,
---[17]. Special Du'a for the Morning,
---[18]. Du'a when the Sun Rises and all that pertains to Ishraaq,
---[19]. Du'as to be Recited During the Course of the Day,
---[20]. Du'a at the Time of Maghrib Azaan,
---[21]. The Zikr and Du'as for the Night,
---[22]. Du'as to be Recited During the Day and Night,
---[23]. Du'a when Entering and Leaving Home,
---[24]. Du'as for the Evening and Night,
---[25]. Etiquette and Du'as of Sleeping,
---[26]. Du'as to be Recited on Awakening,
---[27]. Du'as to be Recited after a Frightening Dream or Any Form of Disturbance,
---[28]. Du'as when Awakening,
---[29]. Du'as when Changing the Sleeping Posture or when Returning to Bed after Leaving it,
---[30]. Du'as when Awakening for Tahajjud,
---[31]. Du'as when Performing Wudhu and after Completing it,
---[32]. Du'as to be Recited when Awakening for Tahajjud,
---[33]. The Time for Tahajjud, Its Etiquette, Rak'aat and Method,
---[34]. What to Recite when Beginning Tahajjud Salaah,
---[35]. The Witr Salaah,
---[36]. How many Rak'aat in Tahajjud and Witr,
---[37]. Du'as to be Recited in Witr,
---[38]. When Completing The Witr,
---[39]. The Sunnah of Fajr,
---[40]. Proceeding for Fajr Salaah,
---[41]. When Entering the Masjid,
---[42]. What to do in the Masjid,
---[43]. When Leaving the Masjid,
---[44]. Du'as and Azkaar white Azaan is in Progress and when Azaan Terminates,
---[45]. Du'as to be Recited between Azaan and Iqaamah,
---[46]. Du'as Before and After Commencing Salaah,
---[47]. Du'as of Ruku'
---[48]. Du'as when Rising up from Ruku'
---[49]. Du'as to be Recited in Sajdah,
---[50]. Du'as to be Recited in Sajdah-Tilaawah,
---[51]. Du'as to be Recited Between the Two Sajdahs,
---[52]. Qunoot e-Naazilah,
---[53]. Du's to be Recited in Qa'dah,
---[54]. Salawaat or Salutations upon the Beloved Prophet, ﷺ,
---[55]. Du'as to be Recited after Salawaat (Durood),
---[56]. Du'as to be Recited after Terminating Salaah,
---[57]. Du'as to be Recited after Fajr Salaah,
---[58]. Special Du'as to be Recited after Maghrib and Fajr Salaah,
---[59]. Special Du'as to be Recited after Salaat ud-Duhaa (Chasht),
---[60]. What to do when Invited to Meals Especially Waleemah,
---[61]. Du'a when Breaking Fast,
---[62]. Etiquette and Du'as Related to Meals,
---[63]. When Having Meals in the Company of a Sick Person,
---[64]. When Having Meals Ordinarily,
---[65]. After Having Had Meals,
---[66]. Du'as for Those who Serve the Food,
---[67]. When Wearing a Garment,
---[68]. When Wearing a New Garment,
---[69]. When Seeing Someone with New Garments,
---[70]. When Taking Off Clothes,
---[71]. Istikhaarah,
---[72]. Istikhaarah Du'a for Marriage,
---[73]. The Khutbah (Sermon) of Nikaah,
---[74]. Du'a for a Newly-wed Couple,
---[75]. Du'a for One's Daughter and Son-in-Law after the Nikaah,
---[76]. How Rasoolullah, ﷺ, said Farewell to Faatimah, radi Allahu ta'ala anha,
---[77]. Du'a on the First Night after the Wedding,
---[78]. Du'a when Buying an Animal for Riding,
---[79]. Du'a when Employing a Servant,
---[80]. Du'a when Copulating,
---[81]. Du'a when Ejaculating,
---[82]. Azaan, Tahneek, Du'a and Aqeeqah when a Child is born,
---[83]. Amulet (Ta'weez) for a New-Born,
---[84]. When a Child Begins to Talk,
---[85]. When Should a Child be made to Perform Salaah,
---[86]. When Should a Child be made to Sleep Separately,
---[87]. When to Get One's Son or Daughter Married,
---[88]. When a Child Becomes a Grown-up,
---[89]. When Bidding Someone Farewell,
---[90]. When Dispatching an Army to Fight the Kuffaar,
---[91]. Du'as to be Recited by the Ameer at the Time of a Journey,
---[92]. Du'as when Undertaking and Returning from a Journey,
---[93]. Du'as to be Recited During the Course of the Journey,
---[94]. Du'as when Undertaking a Sea Voyage,
---[95]. Summoning Help in an Emergency when on a Journey,
---[96]. When Reaching the Top of an Incline,
---[97]. When a Town or City Comes into View,
---[98]. When Entering the Town or City,
---[99]. When Finding Accommodation,
---[100]. When Nightfalls whilst on a Journey,
---[101]. While Away from Home,
---[102]. When Travelling Alone,
---[103]. Hajj : Du'as Related to the Hajj,
---[104]. Talbiyah when Donning the Ihraam 157
---[105]. Du'a After Talbiyah,
---[106]. Du'a During Tawaaf,
---[107]. Du'a to be Recited After Tawaaf,
---[108]. Sa'ee Between Safaa & Marwah,
---[109]. More Du'as to be Recited on Safaa,
---[110]. Du'a Between Safaa and Marwah,
---[111]. Proceeding Towards Arafah,
---[112]. In the Plain of Arafah,
---[113]. Wuqoof in Arafah,
---[114]. Wuqoof at Mash'aril Haraam (Muzdalifah),
---[115]. Pelting the Jamaraat,
---[116]. Udhiyyah or Qurbani in Mina,
---[117]. Aqeeqah,
---[118]. When Entering the Ka'bah,
---[119]. When Drinking the Water of Zamzam,
---[120]. Jihaad and Related Du'as,
---[121]. Khutbah and Du'a when Facing the Enemy,
---[122]. When Nearing the Camp of the Enemy,
---[123]. When the Enemy Poses a Threat,
---[124]. When Surrounded by the Enemy,
---[125]. When Wounded,
---[126]. After Defeating the Enemy,
---[127]. Du'a to be Taught to a New Muslim,
---[128]. When Returning from Jihaad,
---[129]. When the Muslim Troops Approach their Town,
---[130]. When Entering the House,
---[131]. Du'a when Faced with Grief, Sorrow and Apprehension,
---[132]. More Du'as to Remove Grief, Sorrow, Anxiety and Worries,
---[133]. When in Fear of a Person or Persons,
---[134]. When Terrified of an Authority or Tyrant,
---[135]. When in Fear of The Shaytaan, Jinn etc,
---[136]. When Surrounded by Demons in any Remote Place,
---[137]. When Becoming Terror-stricken and Panicky,
---[138]. When Becoming Helpless Regarding Any Matter,
---[139]. When Faced with a Situation Against One's Will,
---[140]. When Any Matter Becomes Difficult,
---[141]. Salaatul-Haajah : Its Procedure and Du'a,
---[142]. Du'a for Memorising the Holy Qur'aan,
---[143]. Repentance and the Du'a Related to it,
---[144]. Salaat ut-Taubah,
---[145]. Du'a in Times of Drought and Salaat ul-Istisqaa,
---[146]. Safety against Disaster when Rain is Imminent,
---[147]. When the Clouds Laden with Rain Clear Up,
---[148]. When Rain Begins to Fall,
---[149]. When there is Fear of Too Much Rain Causing Disaster,
---[150]. Thunder and Lightning,
---[151]. Storm and Floods,
---[152]. When the Cock Crows,
---[153]. When the Donkey Brays or a Dog Barks,
---[154]. At the time of a Solar or Lunar Eclipse,
---[155]. When Seeing the New Moon,
---[156]. When the Gaze Falls on the Moon,
---[157]. Laylatul Qadr,
---[158]. Looking into the Mirror,
---[159]. The Greeting of a Muslim,
---[160]. When Greeting a Jew or a Christian,
---[161]. When Salaam is Conveyed,
---[162]. When Sneezing,
---[163]. Replying to the Person who had Sneezed,
---[164]. If a Christian, Jew or any Non-Muslim sneezes,
---[165]. When there is Buzzing or Humming in the Ear,
---[166]. On Hearing Good News,
---[167]. When Witnessing any Good Condition in Oneself or One's Wealth, Property or Children,
---[168]. When Witnessing any Good Condition in Another or His Wealth, Property or Children,
---[169]. Barakah and Increment in Wealth,
---[170]. When Seeing a Muslim Happy and Laughing,
---[171]. When Befriending a Muslim,
---[172]. Reply to Someone Expressing his Love,
---[173]. When Someone Prays for a Muslim's Forgiveness in his Presence,
---[174]. When Someone Asks: "How Are You?" ,
---[175]. When Someone Calls,
---[176]. When Someone Confers a Favour,
---[177]. When Financial Assistance is Extended,
---[178]. At the Time of Recovering Debt,
---[179]. When Witnessing Something that is Pleasing,
---[180]. When Witnessing Something that is Not Pleasing,
---[181]. When a Certain Blessing of Allah is Witnessed,
---[182]. When in Debt or Financial Difficulty,
---[183]. When Becoming Helpless and Frustrated,
---[184]. When Doubt and Suspicion Play Havoc with a Person,
---[185]. When Becoming Angry,
---[186]. For Abusive and Foul Language,
---[187]. When Joining or Leaving an Assembly,
---[188]. Penitence (Kaffaarah) when Leaving an Assembly,
---[189]. What To Do In an Assembly,
---[190]. Before Going to the Market Place,
---[191]. When Closing Business for the Day,
---[192]. When Seeing the First Fruit of the Season,
---[193]. When Seeing Someone In any Adversity,
---[194]. When Something is Lost or a Worker Absconds or an Animal Escapes,
---[195]. When Becoming Superstitious,
---[196]. When Afflicted by Nazr, (Evil Eye)
---[197]. When an Animal is Afflicted by Nazr,
---[198]. When Afflicted by Jinn and Evil Spirits,
---[199]. Treatment for a Person Who Looses His Sanity,
---[200]. When Bitten by a Snake or Stung by a Scorpion,
---[201]. When Someone Sustains Burns,
---[202]. To Put Off Fire,
---[203]. When Unable to Pass Urine due to Bladder-stones or for any other reason,
---[204]. Du'a for the Treatment of a Wound, Boil etc,
---[205]. When the Legs Become Numb,
---[206]. For Any Pain in the Body,
---[207]. Painful Eye,
---[208]. Du'a for Curing Fever,
---[209]. When Someone is Critically ill,
---[210]. When Visiting the Sick,
---[211]. Du'a to be Recited by the Sick Person Him/Herself,
---[212]. Martyrdom (Shahaadah) & Dying in the Sacred City of Madinah Munawwarah,
---[213]. Reward of a Shaheed,
---[214]. Du'a at the Time of Death,
---[215]. Talqeen to a Dying Person,
---[216]. Du'a to be Recited when a Person Dies,
---[217]. Du'a to be Recited by Family Members of the Dead Person,
---[218]. When Losing a Child,
---[219]. Expressing Sympathy to the Bereaved Family,
---[220]. Letter of Condolence to the Bereaved,
---[221]. Condolence of the Angels,
---[222]. Condolence of Sayyiduna Khidr, alayhi as-salam,
---[223]. When Lifting a Mayyit (the deceased), 
---[224]. Du'as to be Recited in Janazah Salaah,
---[225]. Du'a when Lowering the Mayyit into the Grave,
---[226]. After Burial,
---[227]. Du'a when Visiting the Cemetery,.

Section 2 :

---Virtues of those Zikr (Dhikr) which are not confined to any place, time and cause, 

---[228]. Excellence ot Kalimah Tayyib,
---[229]. Excellence of Kalimah Tawheed,
---[230]. Excellence of Kalimah Shahaadah,
---[231]. Excellence of Tasbeeh and Tahmeed,
---[232]. Salaat ut Tasbeeh and its Procedure
---[233]. The Excellence of Laa hawla Walaa Quwwata illaa Billah,
---[234]. The Excellence of Radheetu Billaahi Rabban...
---[235]. Covenant with Allah,
---[236]. One More Method of Saying Tahmeed,

Section 3 :

---The Excellence of Istighfaar ;

---[237]. Sayyidul lstighfaar,
---[238]. Ahadeeth Regarding the Virtues of Istighfaar,
---[239]. Procedure of Seeking Allah's Forgiveness.

Section 4 :

---Virtues of Reciting the Holy Qur'aan and Certain Surah's and Verses ;

---[240]. Ahadeeth on the Virtues of Reciting the Holy Qur'aan,
---[241]. The Excellence of Surah Faatihah,
---[242]. The Excellence of Surah Baqarah,
---[243]. The Excellence of Surah Baqarah and Aale lmraan,
---[244]. The Excellence of Aayat ul Kursi,
---[245]. The Excellence of the Last Two Verses of Surah Baqarah,
---[246]. The Excellence of Surah An'aam,
---[247]. The Excellence of Surah Kahf,
---[248]. The Excellence of Surah Taa Haa, Tawaaseen and Hawaameem,
---[249]. The Excellence of Surah Yaseen,
---[250]. The Excellence of Surah Fath,
---[251]. The Excellence of Surah Mulk,
---[252]. The Excellence of Surah Zilzaal.
---[253]. The Excellence of Surat ul Kaafiroon,
---[254]. The Excellence of Surat ul Kaafiroon and Surat ul Ikhlaas when Recited Jointly,
---[255]. The Excellence of Surat un Nasr,
---[256]. The Excellence of Surat ul Ikhlaas,
---[257]. The Excellence of Surat ul Falaq and Surat un Naas,

Section 5 :

---Du'as Recited by Sayyadina Rasoolullah, ﷺ, without confining Himself to any particular time and cause, 

---[258]. Du'as Recited By Rasoolullah, ﷺ,
---[259]. Additional Du'as.

Conclusion :

---Salawaat upon Rasoolullah, ﷺ,

---[260]. The Excellence of Invoking Salawaat Upon Rasoolullah, ﷺ,
---[261]. The Salaat and Salaam,
---[262]. Du'a,
---[263]. Epilogue,
---[264]. Permission to Recite The Hisnul Hasin.

*Dimensions : 22.3 x 14.4 x 2.4cm.

NB: Sub-continent print!

Non ASWJ translation.

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