A Treasury of Ghazali

 A Treasury of Ghazali :
A Companion for the Untethered SoulNew,
*[A5] Hardback with Dustjacket - 166 pages,
[English & Arabic],
based upon the works of Imam al-Ghazali [d.505h],
Compiled by Mustufa Abu Sway,
Treasury Series in Islamic Thought & Civilisation,
by Kube Publishers.

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Description :

This beautiful edition comprises forty gems from Imam al-Ghazali’s, may Allah have mercy upon his soul, inexhaustible treasury of writings with accompanying commentaries.

This short volume, written by one of the world’s leading experts on Imam al-Ghazali, comprises forty gems from al-Ghazali's inexhaustible treasury of writings, that give the modern reader insights into both the richness of al-Ghazali's thought, and how they can better help us understand Islam today.

Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali (d. 505/1111) has been described by some scholars as the greatest Muslim in Islamic history. His prolific works, written over the duration of his relatively short lifetime, have deeply influenced Islamic thought for nearly a thousand years. Al-Ghazālī was a polymath who had mastered every discipline known to the scholars of his time. In many ways, his corpus of writings on law, theology, philosophy, and Islamic spirituality, represent the most influential understanding of the Islamic religion ever articulated.

Mustafa Abu Sway is the first holder of the Integral Chair for the Study of Imam Ghazālī’s Work at the Aqsa Mosque and at Al-Quds University in Jerusalem, Palestine. He has been Professor of Philosophy and Islamic Studies at the university since 1996. In addition to numerous academic appointments at Asian and American universities, at the Aqsa Mosque, he teaches Imam al-Ghazālī’s greatest work, Ihya Ulum al-Din, the Revival of the Religious Sciences, dedicated to reviving the spiritual disciplines that lie at the heart of Islam.

Table of Contents :

---Transliteration Table,

---[1]. Education with the Right Intention,
---[2]. Are You in the Wrong Business?
---[3]. Seek Felicity,
---[4]. Introspection,
---[5]. Do Your Good Deeds Outnumber Your Bad Ones?
---[6]. The Greatest Pleasure of All,
---[7]. Deconstructing Greek Metaphysics,
---[8]. Do not Eat Your Path to Heaven,
---[9]. The Merits of Marriage,
---[10]. Striving Beyond Justice,
---[11]. Degrees of Piety,
---[12]. The Fruit of Divine Love,
---[13]. Travelling,
---[14]. Listening to Songs,
---[15]. Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil,
---[16]. Behaviour is the Mirror of the Heart,
---[17]. Flames of Repentance,
---[18]. Patience Against Sin,
---[19]. True Grace,
---[20]. A Plantation for the Hereafter,
---[21]. Shamefully Busy,
---[22]. Sins as True Veils,
---[23]. Occasionalism (Allah is the Cause of all Events)
---[24]. Love is the Renewed Imperative,
---[25]. On Knowledge, Action and Sincerity,
---[26]. There Are Absolutely No Secrets,
---[27]. Thinking and Having a Preference for the Eternal,
---[28]. Remembering Death,
---[29]. Knowledge vs. Gold and Silver,
---[30]. Presenting Faith to Children,
---[31]. External Cleansing and Internal Purification,
---[32]. Deconstructing Distractions,
---[33]. Fasting Has Three Degrees,
---[34]. Liberation from Attachments,
---[35]. Involvement of the Tongue, Intellect and Heart in Reciting the Holy Quran,
---[36]. Knowing Allah Is a Matter of the Heart,
---[37]. Inculcating Beautiful Personal Traits,
---[38]. Excessive Appetite for Food Unleashes Destructive Forces,
---[39]. Healing the Love for Status,
---[40]. Revolting Against Powerful Unjust Rulers.

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Hardback with Dustjacket, high quality print on graded cream matt paper.

*Dimensions : 18.5 x 11.8 x 1.4cm.

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  • Written by: Imam al-Ghazali

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