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Awrad e Mashaykh : English
Awrad e Mashaykh : English
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Ahkam Tarawih wa Itikaf : Urdu
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The Accessible Conspectus
The Accessible Conspectus
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  • Authored by: Imam Abu Shuja al-Asfahani

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Details:  The Accessible Conspectus : New, [English/Arabic],
A Commentary on Abu Shuja' al-Asfahani's  Matn al-Ghayat wa al-Taqrib,
*[A5+] Glossy Paperback - 318 pages, Published 2016,
by Imam Abu Shuja' al-Asfahani,
Translation with Notes by Musa Furber,
Published by Islamosaic.

Back in Stock December 2018

Description : Matn al-Ghayat wa al-Taqrib,

For centuries, Abu Shuja al-Asfahani’s legal primer Matn al-Ghayat wa-l-Taqrib (The Ultimate Conspectus) has been a standard text for introducing students of the Shafi'i school of Islamic law to the full range of basic legal issues. Students will often start their studies by reading it from a basic commentary with their instructor. Many students will read it again from more advanced commentaries as they progress in their mastery of the subject.

This volume presents an amiable commentary that makes Abu Shuja’s primer accessible to new students. It uses contemporary language and examples to help readers build a sound foundation in Islamic law. This enduring classic covers the full range of basic topics within the Shafi'i school of law. It includes the full Arabic text and notes to point out where later Shafi'i jurists have differed from the author, Imam al-Nawawi's, may Allah be pleased with him, preferences, and minor clarifications and explanations.

The Accessible Conspectus is a perfect companion to The Ultimate Conspectus – also available from Madani Propagation.

Review :
"The book is an augmented version of Shaykh Musa's earlier translation of the text, Ultimate Conspectus. The Ultimate Conspectus is a basic translation of Abu Shuja's work with abbreviated explanation and is suited for those wanted to memorise or grasp the rulings in isolation to its commentary. Accessible Conspectus, as it is aptly titled, makes this classic work more accessible to a wider audience." ---Edgar, Goodreads.

Abu Shuja' al-Asfahani : He is Shihab ud-Din Ahmad ibn al-Husayn [and it reads Al-Hasan in some works] ibn Ahmad al-Asfahānī. His agnomen (kunya) is Abu Shuja’ as well as Abu Tayyib. He was the Qadi (judge), Imam, scholar of high repute, the ascetic (zahid), a tenacious Faqih (jurist), a righteous and humble ruler (wazir). All such characteristics have been attributed to him by his contemporaries and biographers throughout the ages, such as in the Tabaqat Ash-Shafi’yyah of Qadi ibn Shuhbah, the Tabaqat of As-Subki, and within the many works of the scholars that are commentaries and super-commentaries upon his famous ”Ghayat At-Taqrib”.

Musa Furber is a Research Fellow at the Tabah Foundation, and is a qualified issuer of edicts (mufti). He received his license to deliver legal edicts (fatwas) from senior scholars at the Egyptian House of Edicts, including the Grand Mufti of Egypt. He was raised in Portland, Oregon, and lives in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

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