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Qur'an C.Coded Tajwid

Simple Steps Introductory Tajweed
Simple Steps Introductory Tajweed
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Details:  Simple Steps in Qur'an Reading :
Introductory Tajweed
, New,
[A5] Paperback - 86 pages, Arabic / English,
by Abu Saalihah bin Ayyub,
Part of the 'Simple Steps' Series.

Back in Stock February 2020

Description :

A comprehensive new guide to the correct recitation of the Qur'an. Aimed at beginners of all ages, as well as those who need to brush up on the art of Tajweed.

It uses simple, step-by-step explanations, diagrams, exercises and examples taken directly from the Qur'an, to teach the basics of Tajweed and encourage their immediate application in daily Qur'anic recitation.

 *** 'Ajmi Mushaf Script
 *** Arabic / English,
 *** Fully coloured vibrant pages,
 *** Excellent clear presentation.

Table of Contents :


---Tajweed Rules,
------Sanad : Chain of Transmission,
------Tafkhim, (Velarisation),
------Lafdul Jalalah,
------Huruf al-Isti'la',
------Harf al-Ra,
------Harf al-Alif,

---Al-Qalqalah : Reverberating Letters,
---Al Ghunnah : The Nasal Hold,
---Al Nun al-Sakinah,
------Ikhfa within a word,
------Ikhfa between two words,
------Ikhfa with Tanwin,
---Al-Mim al-Sakinah, : Vowelless Mim,
------Types of Hamzah,
---Al-Lam al-Qamariyyah wa ash-Shamsiyyah,
---Ash-Shamsiyyah : Sun Letters,
---Al-Qamariyyah : Moon Letters,
---Ijtima' Sakinain,
------When two Sakin letters meet,
------Meeting of two Sakin letters,
------Ya Madd,
------Waw Madd,
------Alif Madd,
---Al-Nun al-Qutni : The Connecting Nun,
---Al-Mudud - stretch,
---Al-Madd al-Munfasil : Detached Madd,
---Al-Madd al-Muttasil : Attached Madd,
---Al-Madd al-Lazim I : Compulsory Madd I,
---Al-Madd al-Lazim II : Compulsory Madd II,
------Al-Huruf al-Muqat-ta'ah,
---Al-Madd al-'Aridh : Temporary Madd,
---Al-Waqf : Stopping,
---Al-Waqf bil-Iskan : A Stop Conferring a Sukun,
---Al-Waqf bis-Sukun al-Mahd : Stopping on a Sukun,
---Al-Waqf bil-Ibdal I : Transforming Stop,
---Al-Waqf bil-Ibdal II : Transforming Stop,
------Words ending in Ta Marbutah,
---Al-Waqf 'ala Ta al-Ta'nith : Stopping on an Original Ta,
---Al-Waqf 'ala Huruf al-'illah : Stopping on a Weal letter,
------Stopping on weak endings,
---'Alamat al-Waqf : Punctuation Signs.


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