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Arabic Learning

Arabic Tutor : Part 2
Arabic Tutor : Part 2
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Details: Arabic Tutor - Part Two,
*[A5] Paperback - 176 pages,
by Molvi Abdul Sattar Khan.

Description :

This is Volume 2 of an English translation of an Arabic Grammar textbook. It has been divided into 4 parts with many exercises, so it should prove beneficial for those studying the Arabic language.

Table of Contents :

---Transliteration Table,

Lessons 1 - 15 were Completed in Arabic Tutor : Part One.

---Lesson [16]. The Categories of Trilateral Verbs,
------Vocabulary List no. 14,
------Exercise no.15.

---Lesson [17]. The Intransitive Transitive Verbs & the Active and Passive Verbs,
------Vocabulary List no. 15,
------Exercise no.16.

---Lesson [18]. Changes in the Verb due to the 'Doer'
------Vocabulary List no. 16,
------Exercise no.17,
------Test no. 9.

---Lesson [19]. The Different types of the Perfect Tense,
------1. The Recent Past Tense or Past Perfect Tense,
------2. The Far Past Tense or Pluperfect Tense,
------3. The Past Continuous Tense or Past Habitual Tense,
------4. The Doubtful Past Tense,
------5. The Perfect Desirous Tense or Conditional Perfect Tense,
------Vocabulary List no.17,
------Exercise no.18.

---Lesson [20.a]. The Different Forms of the Imperfect,
------Vocabulary List no.18,
------Exercise no.19.

---Lesson [20.b]. The Emphasised Imperfect Tense,
------Vocabulary List no.19,
------Exercise no.20,
------Test no. 10.

---Lesson [21]. The Imperative and the Prohibition,
------Vocabulary List no. 20,
------Exercise no.21,
------Test no. 11.

---Lesson [22]. The Derived Nouns,
------The Active Participle Noun,
------The Passive Participle Noun,
------The Adverb,
------The Noun of the Instrument,
------Vocabulary List no. 21,
------Exercise no. 22.

---Lesson [23]. The Adjectival Nouns,
------Vocabulary List no. 22,
------Exercise no. 23.

---Lesson [24]. The Elative,
------Vocabulary List no. 23,
------Exercise no. 24.
------Test no. 12.

---Lesson [25.a]. The Categories other than the Triliteral Verbs,
------Vocabulary List no. 24,
------Exercise no. 25.

---Lesson [25.b]. The Particles,
------Vocabulary List no. 25,
------Exercise no. 26.

------Some Beneficial Information,
---------1. Definitions,
---------2. Analysis.

*Sub-continent print quality!

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