Life & Poems of Khawaja Muinuddin Chishti

The Life & Poems of
Khawaja Muin al-Din Chishti,

[A5] Paperback - 111 pages,
Contains English text only!
English Translation & Introd. by Paul Smith.
New Humanity Books.

Description :

One of the first English translations of the poems (ghazals) of the great sufi saint of Ajmer.

Shaykh Muhammad Muin ud-Din Chishti [1141 - 1230] may Allah be pleased with him, was also known as Gharib Nawaz or 'Benefactor of the Poor' ... he is the most famous Sufi Master of the Chishti Order of the Indian Subcontinent.

He introduced and established the order in South Asia. The initial chain of the Chishti Order in India, comprising himself, Shaykh Bakhtiyar Kakli, Shaykh Baba Farid and Shaykh Nizam ud-Din Auliya, may Allah be pleased wirth them, (each successive person being the disciple of the previous one), constitutes some of the great Sufi Masters of Indian History.

Khawaja Muin al-Din Chishti authored several books including Anis al-Arwah and Dalil al-'Arifeen, both of which deal with the Islamic code of living. He also wrote Hadis ul-Marif, Risala Mogodia, Ganjal Asrar and Kashful Asrar.

He also composed a Divan (121 ghazals and one qasida survives). In his book 'Pre-Mughal Persian in Hindustan, Volume Two, Muhammad 'Abdu'l Ghani states .. 'Of the various kinds of poetry, he chose to write the ghazal and the qasidah, every couplet of which is divine love.

Contents :

---Life, Times & Poems of Muin ud-Din Chishti,
---Selected Bibliography,
---Sufis & Dervishes: Their Art & Use of Poetry,
---Background to the Ghazal,
---The Ghazals of Shaykh Muin ud-Din Chishti.




Part of the Sufi Poet Series books.

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Homepage for Sufism.


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