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Mawlana Rumi

Rumi : Bridge to the Soul
Rumi : Bridge to the Soul
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  • Authored by: Mawlana Rumi

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Details: Rumi : Bridge to the Soul,
Hardback - 160 pages,
[A5-] with Dust-Jacket,
by Hazrat Mawlana Rumi,
Translated and Edited by Coleman Barks.

Description :

This is a book of newly-translated Rumi poems, by the pre-eminent Rumi poet Coleman Barks, to celebrate Rumi's 800th birthday in 2007, the Year of Rumi. The book will have 90 new poems, 82 of them never-before published in any form. Rumi's poetry, in addition to bridging cultures and religions, serves as a bridge to carry the reader into the interior silence and joy of the soul. His poems bridge the gap between conscious knowing and soul-deep understanding, bringing the reader into wholeness through the joy of his words; they are a bridge between the mystery of being human and the mystery of the divine - the Soul Bridge.

2007 is the "Year of Rumi," and who better than Coleman Barks, Rumi's unlikely, supremely passionate ambassador, to mark the milestone of this great poet's 800th birthday? Barks, who was recently awarded an honorary doctorate in Persian language and literature by the University of Tehran for his thirty years of translating Rumi, has collected and translated ninety new poems, most of them never published before in any form. The result is this beautiful edition titled Rumi : Bridge to the Soul. The "bridge" in the title is a reference to the Khajou Bridge in Isphahan, Iran, which Barks visited with Robert Bly in May of 2006a trip that in many ways prompted this book.

The "soul bridge" also suggests Rumi himself, who crosses cultures and religions and brings us all together to listen to his words, regardless of origin or creed. Open this book and let Rumi's poetry carry you into the interior silence and joy of the spirit, the place that unites conscious knowing with a deeper, more soulful understanding.

Table of Contents :

---Bridge, poem, awareness moving through,
---Travel notes.

The Poems :

---1: Bowl fallen from the roof,
---2: Story they know,
---3: Harvest,
---4: Inhale autumn, long for spring,
---5: Leaves about to let go,
---6: Light within his light,
---7: King dressed as a servant,
---8: As the sky does in water,
---9: Time of divulging,
---10: Empty,
---11: Nicknames,
---12: New blossoms,
---13: Split the Sack,
---14: Any sprig of an herb,
---15: Secret places,
---16: Doorsill,
---17: Flightpaths,
---18: Music and silence,
---19: Earsight,
---20: Talking,
---21: Currency,
---22: Water from the well of the soul,
---23: Another invitation,
---24: One who left,
---25: Disciplines,
---26: Pieces of a broken cup,
---27: Spilled speech,
---28: Soul houses,
---29: Wave of that agreement,
---30: Calm in the midst of lightning,
---31: Avalanche,
---32: Pure silence,
---33: What fear of loss,
---34: Mountain nest,
---35: Miles of riverside canebed,
---36: Solomon and the wind of speaking,
---37: Mixed-breed apple,
---38: No expectations,
---39: Mountaintop trough,
---40: What you gave,
---41: Your turn at dice,
---42: Holiday without limits,
---43: Outdoors and the passion of the grass,
---44: Preposterous guess,
---45: Asleep and listening,
---46: Pearl,
---47: Green writ,
---48: Look at a fountain,
---49: Desolation,
---50: Dance of your hidden life,
---51: Let the soup simmer,
---52: Only obligation,
---53: Butcher and sheep,
---54: I see the face,
---55: Meeting,
---56: Living doubleness,
---57: Value of this moment,
---58: Ocean light,
---59: Like a fig,
---60: Gone for good,
---61: Two lovings,
---62: Talking to the luck-bird,
---63: Alive with scripture,
---64: Faint lament of form,
---65: This high meadow,
---66: Granted,
---67: Saladin's leaving,
---68: What you have despised in yourself,
---69: Winter or summer,
---70: Abraham and Isaac,
---71: I ask one more thing,
---72: Seeds and rain,
---73: One being inside all,
---74: Struck tent,
---75: Open window,
---76: Full sun,
---77: I rocked my own chest,
---78: You shall not see me,
---79: Beautiful walk inside you,
---80: Leaving,
---81: Energy you can spend,
---82: One thing I did wrong,
---83: Northern wind,
---84: Midnight and sunrise,
---85: Creation word,
---86: We are the sun,
---87: You make your own oil as you cook,
---88: Hundred and one,
---89: We cannot decide,
---90: Waking town.


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