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Urdu Learning

Urdu : Book 2
Urdu : Book 2
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  • Authored by: Islamic Edu. Org. S.Africa.

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Details:  Learn Urdu  - Book 2,
Revised Colour Edition,
*[A4] Paperback - 46 pages,
Book 2 of 5 - Urdu Learning Series.
by The Islamic Educational Organisation of South Africa.

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Description :

Preface : '' This book is a guide to easy reading and understanding of the Urdu language.
In this series we have attempted to use a practical approach when preparing this 5 Part Urdu guide.

Urdu is only introduced in the third year of primary school (Madrassah) to avoid confusion between the Arabic and Urdu script. Learners are given an opportunity to effectively learn to read the Arabic script within the first two years. Urdu uses the Arabic script with a few additional symbols to accomodate sounds that are not present in the Arabic alphabet.

This guide lays the foundation for the Urdu language - spoken and written, prose and poetry. Spoken sounds and written symbols are the building blocks of language. From the individual sounds and symbols, words and phrases and sentences are constructed, facilitated by pictures for easy understanding. In the spoken section, Urdu words, phrases and sentences are used for conversational purpose and students are urged to converse in Urdu. In the written section, first shorter and then longer sentences are put together to form continuous passages. The students are expected to read and comprehend these passages, Various types of questions are set at the end of every reading passage to test the students comprehension and awareness of, or sensitivity to Urdu grammar.

Younger students have a natural flair for rhymes, rhythms and melodic sequences, as a result it was felt necessary to include a section on rhymed compositions and poetry. This is used for oral and written exercises in our Urdu syllabus/curriculumn.

Whilst the Urdu Series will be of great help to any beginner into the Urdu language, tremendous efforts have also been made to make it easy for non-Urdu speaking students. Careful thought and planning has gone into ensuring that the various aspects are covered simultaneously . The content of the text book (word, meaning, tense, structure, topic, function, skill, etc) are presented in a helpful way-simplified. ''

Table of Contents :

Chapter [1] Simple and Complex sentences,
---I am a Muslim,
---The Teacher Came,
---My Mother,
---Our Religion,
---My Madrassah,
---Time for Salaah,
---The Words of Allah,
---My Friends,
---My Parents,
---My Brother/Sister,
---Good Boy.

Chapter [2] Conversations,
---Introducing a new friend to another friend (male),
---Introducing a new friend to another friend (female),
---Welcoming a new pupil (male),
---Welcoming a new pupil (female),
---Expressing pleasure at meeting a person (male),
---Expressing pleasure at meeting a person (female),
---Welcoming a person,
---Acquaintance, teacher and male pupil,
---Acquaintance, teacher and female pupil,

Chapter [3] Nazms/Rhymes,
---Different Colours,
---Parts of Our Body.

---Dictionary (lughat).

More Urdu Learning.

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