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Keys to Sacred Science
Keys to Sacred Science
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Rethinking Ibn 'Arabi : New
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Islam and the Race Question
Islam and the Race Question
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Details:  Islam and the Race Question,
[A5] Booklet - 9 pages,
by Paul Hardy, PhD.
Published by the Muslim Academic Trust, Cambridge, UK.

Description :

The racialised discourse prevalent in our own era has over the centuries proven alien to the societies which developed under the inspiration of Islam. Even more alien to those societies has been the tendency found in the West to articulate personal identity almost entirely in racial terms. For in racialised nations like the United States, Europe, South Africa or the Caribbean, appearance or physical attributes, such as hair, skin and bone structure, have been more consequential, more starkly invested with social signficance, than anything else such as family, wealth culture education or personal achievement.

Wherever Islam put down roots, Muslims grew to believe that discriminatory exclusion based on race was fundamentally alien to the spirit of their faith. This is understandable, given that there is almost a logical connection between affirming the oneness of God and upholding the equality of human beings before Him. We read, for example, in Islam’s sacred book, the Qur’an:

O Humankind! We have created you from male and female and have made you into peoples (shu‘ub) and tribes (qaba’il) that you may know one another; truly, the noblest (akram) among you before God are the most pious (taqwa) among yourselves; indeed, is God the All-knowing, the All-seeing.” [Al-Qur'an 49 :13].

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