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Sira (Urdu)

Sirat-e-Muhammadia : Mawahib al Laduniya: 2 Vols
Sirat-e-Muhammadia : Mawahib al Laduniya: 2 Vols
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  • Authored by: Imam al-Qastallani

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Details:  Sirat-e-Muhammadiya : Mawahib al Ladunniyya : 2 Volumes, Urdu,
[A4] Hardback - 1052 pages in 2 Volume Set,
by Imam Ahmad bin Muhammad al-Qastallani.
Translated into Urdu by: Mawlana Muhammad Abdul Sattar Tahir al-Masudi,
Tahqiq: Allama Muhammad Mansha Tabish al-Qusuri.

Description :

Classical biography of the Life, Virtues, Role, Personality and Station of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad, Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam.

Imam al Qastalani, rahmatullahi 'alayhi, writes in volume 1 of Al mawahib al Ladunniya (1-148),

       "May Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, have mercy on the one who turns
        the nights of the month of the Prophet’s, salla Allahu ta'ala wa Sallam's
        birth into festivities in order to decrease the suffering of those whose hearts
        are filled with disease and sickness."

---Volume 1 : 480 pages,
---Volume 2 : 572 pages.

About the Author: He is Shihab al-Din Abu'l-Abbas Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr al-Qastallani al-Qutaybi al-Shafi'i, [d.923h]. He was also known as Al-Qastalani. He was a Sunni Islamic scholar who specialised in hadith and theology. He owed his literary fame to his exhaustive commentary on the Sahih al-Bukhari entitled Irshad al-Sari fi Sharh al-Bukhari.

Also available : Sharh al-Mawahib : Commentary in Arabic 12 Volumes.

2 Volume Set in Urdu

Published by Farooqia Book Depot, Jamia Masjid, Delhi.

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