The Kashf al Mahjub [Pak]

The Kashf al Mahjub -
2A Persian Treatise on Sufism,"
[A5] Hardback - 536 pages,
English Transl. by: R.A.Nicholson,
Preface by:  Pir Karam Shah al-Azhari,
*Published by Zia-ul-Qur'an Publications.

Description :

Extract from the Publishers Note:

Kash al-Mahjub, The Revelation of the Mystery, by Ali bin Uthman al-Hujwiri, may Allah be pleased with him, is a celebrated work on the subject of tasawwuf, Islamic mysticism, and has been held in high esteem by men of learning and students of Sufism. It has been translated into various languages over the course of time. The English translation by Prof. R.A. Nicholson, the renowned orientalist and teacher of Cambridge University, published in1911, is, inspite of being an abridged version, still unsurpassed in it's clear and faithful rendering of the original.

The most distinguishing feature of this present edition by Ziya ul Qur'an publications is it's introduction which is an English translation of a comprehensive and illuminating monograph on mysticism by Pir Muhammad Karam Shah al-Azhari, an eminent traveller of the Path in his own right.---Muhammad Ibrahim Shah, [Zia ul Qur'an Publications].

Table of Contents:

---Translators Preface,
---Authors Introduction.

---[I].  On the Affirmation of Knowledge,
---[II]. On Poverty,
---[III].On Sufism,
---[IV].On the wearing of patched ''frocks,''
---[V]. On the different opinions held concerning Poverty and Sufism,
---[VI]. On Blame, (malamat),
---[VII]. Concerning their Imams who belonged to the Companions,
---[VIII]. Concerning their Imams who belonged to the House of the Prophet,
---[IX]. Concerning the People of the Veranda (ahl-i-Suffa),
---[X].  Concerning their Imams who belonged to the Followers (al-Tabi'un),
---[XI]. Concerning their Imams who lived subsequently to the Followers down to our day,
---[XII]. Concerning the principle Sufis of recent times,
---[XIII]. A brief account of the modern sufi's in different countries,
---[XIV]. Concerning the doctrines held by the different sects of sufis.

---The Eleven Veils :
---[XV]. The Uncovering of the [1st] Veil: The Gnosis of Allah (al-Marifah),
---[XVI].The Uncovering of the [2nd] Veil: Unification, (at-Tawhid),
---[XVII]. The Uncovering of the [3rd] Veil: Faith (al-Imaan),
---[XVIII]. The Uncovering of the [4th] Veil: Purification (at-Tahaarat),
---[XIX]. The Uncovering of the [5th] Veil: Prayer (as-Salaat),
---[XX]. The Uncovering of the [6th] Veil: Alms (az-Zakaat),
---[XXI].The Uncovering of the [7th] Veil: Fasting (al-Sawm),
---[XXII].The Uncovering of the [8th] Veil: Pilgrimage (al-Hajj),
---[XXIII].The Uncovering of the [9th] Veil: Rules & Principles of Companionship,
---[XXIV].The Uncovering of the [10th] Veil: The use of Expressions (phraseology),
---[XXV].The Uncovering of the [11th] Veil: Concerning audition (Sama').




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*Reasonable quality print and translation by sub-continental standards. [Recommended]!


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