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Dala'il ul-Khayrat : New
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Sufi Healing

Alternative Healing : The Sufi Way
Alternative Healing : The Sufi Way
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  • Authored by: Sh. Taner Ansari Rifa'i

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Details:  Alternative Healing : The Sufi Way, Updated 2nd Edition,
*[A5] Paperback - 219 pages,
by Shaykh Sayyid Taner Ansari (Qadri-Rifa'i).
Ansari Publications, USA.

Description :

In his Alternative Healing : The Sufi Way, Shaykh Taner Ansari has provided Sufis and anyone else interested in spiritual healing with a book that is uplifting for both spirits and bodies. Readers will love the focus of the book, which is a veritable pharmacopoeia of Qur'anic verses related to specific ailments affecting one's spiritual and physical being.

In addition Shaykh Taner has included valuable chapters containing practical guidance for purification, diagnosis, the use of the Divine Names in healing, treatment of Jinn possession, and the use of spiritual geometric designs (taweez) that have traditionally been used for healing. Finally, recipes for soups and teas that Shaykh Taner adds in an appendix complete this book that is certainly a generous cup overflowing with God's Mercy.

               Contains Remedies (Taweez) and Health Tips for the practicing
               spiritual healer from the Holy Qur'an for cancer, epilepsy, fevers,
               diabetes, recivery from drug addiction, demonic possession and
               many other ailments.

The format for the sections are laid out in such a manner that the appropriate verses from the Qur'an may be properly read in the original Arabic which is set on the left hand page along with a Roman transliteration, and the English meanings from the translation from of Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall, which are placed together on the right hand side.

A rule of thumb has been established by 'englishising' certain Islamic or Sufi terms that are frequently used throughout the text by avoiding using the Arabic plural forms. For example, the singular word ''ayat'' (meaning a verse from the Qur'an) and its plural form as ''ayats'' instead of the more complicated Arabic plural form.

Shaykh Taner Ansari al-Qadiri al-Rifa'i was born in Turkey to a devout Muslim family of Sayyids. After graduating from Gazi University in Turkey he went onto study further in the United States and Canada. He was initiated into the 'Qadiri Rifa'i' tariqa in Istanbul under Sayyid Shaykh Muhiyuddin Ansari, from whom he received ijazah to teach tasawwuf (Sufism). His spiritual lineage also includes the Naqshbandi, Mevlevi and Bektashi orders where his shaykh sent him to study. Shaykh Taner with his shaykhs permission went onto establish the Qadri Rifa'i Ansari Sufi Order worldwide.

Shaykh Taner teaches and gives regular classes and talks Internationally. He also holds regular lectures about Sufism and leads congregational zikr (dhikr) in Remembering God. He is also the author of Grand Masters of Sufism: Abdul Qadir Geylani's 'Secrets of Secrets' and Shaykh Ahmed ar Rifa'i's 'Guidance to Mysticism' and 'The Sun will Rise in the West: The Holy Trail' and 'What about My Wood: 101 Sufi Stories.'

Table of Contents :


---Chapter [1]. Healing Methods,
------Spiritual Medicine,
------Material Medicine,
------Healing Techniques.

---Chapter [2]. Examination and Diagnosis,
------Introduction : Conditions for Healing to Take Place,
------Spiritual Cleansing,
------How to Diagnose a Problem,
------Examination of the Patient : Details.

---Chapter [3]. Healing Cancer, Diabetes & Other Illnesses,

---Chapter [4]. Ruh - The Spiritual Being,
------1. Spiritual sustenance,
------2. Tawhid (Allah's Unity),
------3. Nur (Light) in the Heart,

---Chapter [5]. Jismani Ruh - The Physical Being,
------Using a Taweez (Amulet),
------4. Sterility,
------5. Labour Pains,
------6. Fear of Miscarriage,
------7. Virtuous Children,
------8. Weaning a Child,
------9. General Ailments,
------10. Childhood Diseases,
------11. Fever,
------12. Pain,
------13. Insomnia,
------14. Heart Ailments,
------15. Spleen,
------16. Hemorrhoids,
------17. Headaches & Migraines,
------18. Toothaches,
------19. Eyes,
------20. Kidney Pain,
------21. Gall Stones & Kidney Stones,
------22. Stomach Problems,
------23. Colic,
------24. Urinary Infections,
------25. Nocturnal Emissions,
------26. Lungs,
------27. Epilepsy and Convulsions,
------28. Paralysis and Stroke,
------29. Leprosy,
------30. Rashes or Psoriasis,
------31. Ringworm, Herpes & other Skin Afflictions,
------32. Smallpox,
------33. Depression,
------34. Nightmares,

---Chapter [6]. Dunya - This World,
------35. Husband and Wife,
------36. Danger and Calamities,
------37. Fear and Security.
------38. Burglary, Theft and Loss,
------39. Poverty,
------40. Oppression & Tyranny,
------41. Business, Home and Family,
------42. Insects, Animals & Pests,
------43. Imprisonment or Entrapment,
------44. Drug Addiction.

---Chapter [7]. Treating Possession by Jinn,
------Jinn Possession,
------How to find out if a person has been possessed,
------Removing the Jinn,
------Sealing up the Patient,
------Curse breaking Ayat,
------45. Jinn,
------46. Possession,
------47. Prevention and Cures for Sorcery,
------48. The Thirty-Three Healing Verses.

---Chapter [8]. al-Asma wal-Husna : The 99 Beautiful Names of Allah,
------Table of 99 Names with English Translation,
------Additional Healing Names and for what purpose,

---Chapter [9]. Taweez - Spiritual Geometric Diagrams,
------About Taweez : Spiritual Talisman,
------Taweez for All Types of Afflictions,
------Taweez for Insomnia,
------Taweez for relief of Hepatitus,
------Taweez for relief of Malaria & Headaches,
------Taweez for General Healing Protection,
------Taweez for 'Ism i Azam - His Greatest Name,
------Taweez for Purification of the Body,
------Taweez for Breaking a Curse or Spell 1,
------Taweez for Breaking a Curse or Spell 2,
------Taweez for Breaking a Curse or Spell 3,
------Taweez for relief of Stress,
------Taweez for relief of Bleeding,
------Taweez against Wrinkles, for Smooth Skin,
------Taweez for Beauty,
------Taweez for Hearing problems, Ear-ache,
------Taweez for relief of Warts, pimples and boils,
------Taweez for relief of Warts, pimples and Psoriasis,
------Taweez for Weak Eyes,
------Taweez for relief of Eye sickness/illnesses,
------Taweez for strengthening Weak Eyes,
------Taweez for relief from Muscular Pain or Fibromyalgia,
------Taweez for relief from Dizziness,
------Taweez to open kismet in any affair,
------Taweez for difficulties in conversation, public speaking,
------Taweez for relief from Gambling and Drinking Problems,
------Taweez for relief from Epilepsy and Depression,
------Taweez for relief from Hemorrhoids,
------Taweez for relief from Stomach Worms,
------Taweez for Obedient Children,
------Taweez to prevent Theft,
------Taweez to have a man's love, if Allah so wishes,
------Taweez to have a woman's love, if Allah so wishes,
------Taweez for relief from Epilepsy 1,
------Taweez for relief from Epilepsy 2,
------Taweez for relief from Jaundice and Hepatitus,
------Taweez for relief from Insanity, frequent passing out,
------Taweez for relief from Jinn, Evil Eye and Jealousy,
------Taweez for Protection and Property,
------Taweez for requesting Rain 1,
------Taweez for requesting Rain 2,
------Taweez for general Protection and overall good Health,
------Taweez for relief from Fear and for General Protection,
------Taweez for Protection against Jinn,
------Taweez for Assisting in keeping an Open Mind,
------Taweez for relief from sloth and laziness,
------Taweez for Improving Memory,
------Taweez for prevention of Adultery,
------Taweez for Sustenance,
------Taweez for relief from Financial Troubles,
------Taweez for more Sustenance,
------Taweez for Anger management,
------Taweez for Good Memory,
------Taweez for relief from a Troubled Marriage,
------Taweez for help in finding a spouse,
------Taweez for help in Breathing and Emphysema,
------Taweez from Stroke,
------Taweez for relief from General Pain,
------Taweez for Chest Pains & Problems,
------Taweez for relief from Itching and Stomach-aches,
------Taweez for relief from Hemorrhoids,
------Taweez for Fertility,
------Taweez for relief from Bedwetting,
------Taweez for relief from Gonorrhea,
------Taweez for relief from Menstruation Problems,
------Taweez for Virility,
------Taweez for prevention and relief from Black Magic,
------Taweez for Breaking Spells,
------Taweez for relief from Envy and Evil Eye,
------Taweez for prevention of Ant and other Insect Infestation,
------Taweez for relief from Skin Fungus and Ring Worm.

---Appendix :
------Recipes for Health,
------About the Author,
------Space for Notes.

More on Sufism : Tasawwuf.

* Dimensions: 23 x 15.2 x 1.3cm.

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