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Mirqat al-Salikeen : Urdu
Mirqat al-Salikeen : Urdu
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I Love my Prophet, ﷺ.
I Love my Prophet, ﷺ.
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The Prophet in World Scriptures
The Prophet in World Scriptures
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Raza Academy Series

Islamic Deeniyat : Part 3
Islamic Deeniyat : Part 3
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  • Authored by: Imam Ahmad Raza Academy

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Details:  Islamic Deeniyat [Fiqh] Part 3,
[A5] Paperback - 130 pages,
Grades: 6 & 7,

by Mahomed Yunus Abdul Karrim.
Imam Ahmad Raza Academy, Durban South Africa.

Description :

Foreword :  The Imam Ahmad Raza Academy, from it's inception in 1986, has been striving for the academic and spiritual upliftment of the Muslim Ummah. To impart Islamic Education to our children and to enable them to grow up as practising Muslims in this western society is one of the greatest challenges facing all who are involved in this aim.  Al-hamdulilah, the Raza Academy is proud to present, Islamic Deeniyat (Fiqh) Part 3, a humble contribution towards the system of Madrassah Education.

This book series has been completely revised and updated from the first edition with many notable changes.

Fiqh contains all the laws and regulations that need to be applied to the practical aspects of Islam and great emphasis should be paid to such an important subject as a person's ibadah (worship) depends on the knowledge of fiqh.

The following books were consulted in the research and publication of Islamic Deeniyat; Book 3:

  • ---Ahkaam-e-Shar'iah,
  • ---Fatawa Radawiyyah,
  • ---Bahaar-e-Shar'iah,
  • ---Hamara Islam,
  • ---Qanoon-e-Shar'iah,
  • ---Sunni Bahishti Zewar
  • ---Namaz of Mumin.

Contains 'Activity' sessions at the end of each Lesson.

Contents :

Grade Six

---The mushtahabaat of Salaah,
---The makrooh-e-tahreemi acts of Salaah,
---The makrooh-e-tanzeeni acts of Salaah,

Islamic Terms,

Kinds of Religious Actions

Sajdah Sahw
---How to make Sajdah sahw,
---When does Sajdah Sahw become wajib?
---Other rules relating to Sajdah Sahw.

Witr Salaah
---What is Witr Salaah ?
---How to perform the witr Salaah.

Jum'ah Salaah
---Pre-requisites for Jum'ah Salaah,
---On whom is Jum'ah salaah wajib,
---Sunnah acts on the day of Jum'ah,

Taraweeh Salaah

Salatul Mareed (Salaah of the Sick)

Salaat us Safar (Qasr)

The Days of Eid and Eid Salaah
---Eid ul Fitr,
---Eid al-Adha,
---The Sunnah actions on the day of Eid,
---The time of Eid Salaah,
---Method of performing the Eid Salaah,
---The Eid Khutbah,
---The difference between the Eid and Jum'ah Salaah.

Death and Janazah Salaah
---The dying person,
---What to do after a person dies,
---Salaat ul Janazah,
---Faraa'id of Salaat ul Janazah,
---The manner of making Salaat ul Janazah,
---Late comers for Salaat ul Janazah,
---How to carry the Janazah,
---The burial.

Nawaafil Salaah
---Salaat at-Tahajjud,
---Salaat ul-Ishraaq,
---Salaat ul-Chaashat,
---Salaat ul-Awwabeen,
---Salaat ul-Tasbeeh,
---Salaat ul-Haajaat,
---Salaat ul-Istikhaarah,
---Salaat ul-Istisqa,
---Salaat ul- Kusoof,
---Salaat ul-Khusoof,
---Tahiyatul Masjid Salaah,
---Tahiyatul Wudhu Salaah.

Sajdah Tilawah

The Adaab of Dressing

Salawat or Durood shareef.

Grade Seven

The wiping over the special sock called Khuf
---Some of the qualifications for performing masah,
---The Faraa'id of performing masah over the khuf,
---The sunnan in performing masah,
---What aspects break the masah over the khuf?

Qadah Salaah

Nafil Salaah in the sitting position


Ramadan and Fasting
---The importance of fasting in Ramadan,
---The benefits of fasting,
---Niyyah for fasting,
---Types of Fast,
---Persons excused from fasting,
---Sunnan acts during fasting and in the month of Ramadan,
---Makrooh acts during fasting,
---Qaza Saum,


Laylatul Qadr


---Importance of Zakaah,
---Upon whom is Zakaah fard,
---Whom can Zakaah be given to?
---Who is not liable for Zakaah,
---Zakaah guide.

---The importance of Hajj,
---Upon whom is Hajj fard?
---The faraa'id of Hajj,
---The wajibaats of Hajj,
---What are the miqaats?
---The five days of Hajj,
---Actions not permitted during Hajj,
---What is Umrah ?

---Who should make qurbani?
---When must qurbani be made?
---What animals must be used ?
---The types of defective animals to be avoided?
---Who should make zabah/slaughter and what is to be recited?
---Some important requirements about Zabah?
---The rules regarding meat and skin.

---What is aqeeqah?
---When should aqeeqah be performed?
---What other acts are done when a child is born?
---Rules of aqeeqah?
---What should be done with the aqeeqah meat ?
---Aqeeqah du'a for a boy,
---Aqeeqah du'a for a girl.

Things that are Haraam

Natural act's of cleanliness

Salawat or Durood shareef


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