Al-Maturidi & the Development of Sunni Theology

Al-Maturidi and the Development
of Sunni Theology in Samarkand
, New,
[A4+] Hardback - 390+ pages, 
by Ulrich Rudolph [University of Zurich],
Translated by Rodrigo Adem [University of Chicago].
**Published by E.J.Brill Academic Publishers,
Leiden University, Netherlands.

Description :

Imam Al-Māturīdī (d. 944 CE), may Allah be pleased with him, the prominent Hanafi scholar from Samarqand, succeeded in formulating a theological doctrine (kalam) which is widely accepted in Sunni Islam to this day. The present volume which is a revised English version of the German original published in 1997 examines his teachings by describing their principal characteristics and situating them in the history of kalām.

Part one investigates the development of Hanafi thought in Transoxania before Māturīdī's time. Part two deals with the other religious groups (in particular the Mu'tazilites) which emerged in this area during his lifetime. Part three shows how he explained and defended the position of his predecessors; in doing so, he reformed their traditional views, thereby developing his own theology which then became the basis of a new tradition, viz. the Māturīdite school.

Table of Contents :


Part [1] : Preliminary History & Conditions: The Hanafite Tradition in North-Eastern Iran,
---1. The foundation & establishment of Hanafite Theology in the 2nd/8th and early 3rd/9th centuries,
---2. Development in the 3rd/9th Century,
---3. The State of Theology During al-Māturīdī’s Lifetime.

Part [2[ : The Emergence of Al-Maturidi,
---1. Life and Activity,
---2. Theological Opponents,
---3. Works.

Part [3] : Al-Maturidi's Theology,

---[A]. Structures and their Forerunning Models
---1. The Structure of the Kitāb al-Tawhīd,
---2. The Bipartite Nature of the Work,
---3. Possible Sources.

---[B]. An Outline of Māturīdī’s Teachings
Prolegomena: Epistemology,
---1. The World,
---2. God,
---3. Humans.

---Concluding Observations :
---1. Māturīdī’s Position in Islamic Theology,
---2. The Relationship to Imam Abū Hanīfa,
---3. The Relationship to Imam Ash'arī,
---4. The Formation of the Māturīdīya.

---Appendix: Inauthentic and doubtful texts,

Biographical note : Author: Ulrich Rudolph, Dr. phil. (1987) University of Tübingen, is Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Zurich. He has published widely on the history of Islamic theology and philosophy.

Translator : Rodrigo Adem is a PhD student in the department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilisations at the University of Chicago with a specialization in Islamic Thought.

Readership : All interested in Islamic theology, the development of the Hanafi school and Maturidi theology, and the history of religious thought.


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