The Choice : Islam & Christianity

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Date Added: 08/26/2021

5 stars

Mr. Deedat's Fiery approach has been engraved in my mind as his unique no nonsense straight to the facts personality has encompassed his book, to great effect, a value especially appreciated in polemics. This is a compilation of Ahmed Deedats booklets in one large book, over 400+ pages of Counter-Missionary information. It would be an understatement to say Mr Deedat has taken it to the next level, and that he is the inspiration to many Dawah Propagators accross the world. I would not recommend this for CHILDREN, due to the nature of biblical verses which highlight specific themes for a more mature audience. This book is split in 2 parts, part 1 focuses on Islam but Part 2, in his own words is the "Combat Kit" against Christian missionaries turns its focus on highlighting the errors, contradictions and evidence of alterations + much more. Highly recommend for those active in Dawah.
by Aamir B.
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