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Date Added: 08/20/2021

5 stars

Review for Izar ur Haq

I first heard about this book when i was watching a live debate which featured the Honourable Sheikh Ahmed Dedat (Rahimahullah), who is well know for his exemplary counter missionary work and Dawah. It was only many years later that i found this book in the store and decided to give it a read. I can safely say after reading this book i know why the Sheikh referenced this book. This is the foundation of Counter Missionary Rebuttals and polemics , although the author draws on previous work from 'Ali TabarĂ®, Ibn Hazm and Ibn Taymiyya, he advances it greatly and compiles it in this book.

The book was origionally written in urdu by Rahmatullah Kairanawi, this is the english translation by Muhammad Wali Raza, in response to the allegations made by the Christain missionaries against Islam and the Quran in the 1800's. This book is still valid today, as Rahmatullah Kairnawi spared no effort into researching the subject at hand.

I would personally call this book the most comprehensive exposure of the previous scriptures (Torah and Bible) as it details the errors, contradictions, omissions and additions and also tackles important subjects such as the theology of the christian faith, the trinity and refutes these concepts using evidence. For example, the author outlines no less than 92 contradictions in the scriptures, no less than 85 Errors and a high number of additions and ommisions in the previous scriptures.

R.K meticulously goes through every book of the old testament and new testament and starts by giving a brief introduction to all these books, then further expounds on them by showing their disputed authenticity by Christian and Jewish scholars themselves.

This book is highly reccomended for anyone who is active in the Dawah scene, and is an encyclopedia of rebuttals to counter Christian missionary claims as well as Jewish Missionary claims.
I dont think my review can do this book justice as i was very surprised as to the content of the book!
After reading this book one can only come to the conclusion that the Holy Quran, the true criterion and living proof that it is authored by non other than God Allmighty (Allah) free from the errors, contradictions and tampering that the previous scriptures underwent.

I am also reading a book by the Late Great Ahmed Deedat, "The Choice" which is similar in its nature, if Allah permits i will review it as soon as i finish it.
by Aamir B.
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