Zia un Nabi : English 7 Vol's

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Date Added: 12/24/2021

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An outstanding work on the sira of the Beloved Prophet peace be upon Him, authored by one of the elite of our time, Pir Muhammad Karam Shah sahib, Al Azhari (may Allah have mercy on his soul) and translated by Muhammad Qayyum A'wan.

Pir sahib, has commenced his work by identifyng and citing the world's oldest civilizations on earth, and also quoting their leaders.

Pir sahib also discussed the forefathers of the Beloved Prophet, those who were from amongst the prophet, and those who weren't, clarifying the fact that the light of the final messenger Peace be upon had transferred from pure persons to pure person.

Pir sahib has also mentioned the Mawlid un nabi (peace be upon him), the effect of the Mawlid un nabi, it's manifestations, it's ancient news of coming, and the effect it had on earth. Issues such as the battles of badr, and uhud, the hijra and meraj, the conquests of mecca, and various other miracles have been discussed.

This scholarly work is a must for everyone to keep.
by Waseem D.
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