Saeed al-Haq fi Takhreej Ja al-Haq: Urdu

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Date Added: 07/23/2013

4 stars

This is a fantastic aqeeda book. It completely obliterates the false arguments presented by deviants. Very comprehensively presented topic by topic. It makes it easy for one to browse the collated evidences and saves time in consulting what other major scholars have said regards the topics being discussed. I am particularly indebted to this work as I have won many debates with deviants trying to down our beloved nabi saw and have been able to save many friends and family members from deviation from the path of Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat. Allah bless this scholar infinitely and grant him a high station in paradise. Amin

Quality wise the print is average but easily read. Urdu is advanced as you would expect for this level of work but an urdu dictionary would put you to ease. Highly recommended for every house. Save yourself, your family and friends from deviance by having this at fingertips at all times.
by Imran Ahmed
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