Aisha : Wife, Companion & Scholar

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Date Added: 09/13/2019

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Please note; the book has amazing history but tells a non-ahlus sunnah aqeeda regarding the aqeeda of Miraj.

According to the Ahlus sunnah it is a journey which took place physically with the physical body, not a dream nor a journey of the soul only. The book states that The journey took place during a dream and that Hazrat Aisha Siddiqa rehmatullah Aleyh is a witness to this. Please educate your family if they are to read this book, about the Miraj being a physical journey. If it was a dream, there would have been no reason for the polytheists to reject it. (Note; There have been multiple Miraj, the one being memorised by most Ahlus Sunnah was a physical journey).
by Ben Houichi
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