Zia un Nabi : Urdu 7 Vols [P]

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Date Added: 04/18/2013

5 stars

I have just recieved the collection. My immediate reaction was being very impressed with the quality of the books, definetly worth the money for that. Printing, page layouts and paper quality is lovely! Hazrat Pir karam Shah RA has made a well organised siraa. I have made a start and it looks like I will be excitingly busy in seerah studies for a while now. The first volume is devoted solely on the religious and political background of key locations around the world before our Leader, Hazrat Muhammad SAW was born. Volumes 2-5 are devoted to the life of our Beloved SAW. Volume 7 is a powerfuldefence against accusations on the quran. Volume 7 is in defence of the character of Nabi akram SAW and Ahadith. I am very happy, definetly recommend it.
by Imran Ahmed
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