Nuzhatul Qari: Sharh Bukhari, 9 Vol's: Urdu

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Date Added: 01/30/2013

4 stars

Asa. This is my first ever SharH I am studying. I am very impressed with the detailed analyses and discussion of differences between hanafi and shafi views done so by the eminent scholar. It makes the confusions erased especially when a hadith is wrongly presented in books by other sects or misquoted (out of context). A must have for all students of knowledge and for evey home.

It would have been much better if the book was provided with either plastic or paper covers as this is a life companion. The book quality is average so will need to be treated carefully. Very few words are sometimes not printed on the page properly. Also hadith number is not exactly the same as in actual bukhari. For eg, hadith 51 in the SharH is actually hadith 61 of Bukhari shareef. So expect some ahadith left out.

Overall, service was fantastic, got my books in 3 days, no problems. Thank you
by Imran Ahmed
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