The Secret of Secrets

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Date Added: 12/25/2013

5 stars

Secret of the secrets is a best seller for those who are attracted to ghiyarwin or afilliated to Ghawth Paak. It has amazing stories about his childhood, youthood, as a scholar, and as a shaykh. They are the most amazing stories one can read. They will definitely acquaint one with the power, majesty, and knowledge the Ghawth has, and these can be referred to, and be easily understood for the future.
Discloses follow, with advice and counsel directly from Ghawth Paak, and such information is hard to come by in this day and age.
A must have, for all those devotees, who believe in Ghawth Paak, ghiyarvin Sharif, and his miracles.
by Waseem Din
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