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Qur'an C.Coded Tajwid

Compulsory Tajweed
Compulsory Tajweed
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  • Authored by: Allama Sajid ul-Qadri

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Details: Compulsory Tajweed (Bi-lingual),
*[A5] Paperback Booklet - 55 pages,
Compiled by Sajid al Qadri,
by Ahl us Sunnah Publications,
*Printed in India.

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Introduction :

Compulsory Tajweed : This is a popular Tajweed guide which will enable one to recite the Holy Qur'an with the right manner and with correct pronunciation. The guide provides complete instructions in English as well as Urdu in the facing page.

Allah Almighty has advised His Beloved Prophet, Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam, to recite the Noble Qur'an as mentioned in Surah Muzammil 1-4: 73.

"and recite the Holy Qur'an in a slow pleasant tone and style"

The author has provided a nicely presented book in English/Arabic with accompanying urdu. Suitable to teach at home or for Madrassah (classroom) use. See image below for sample pages.

Table of Contents

---[1]. Glorious Qur'an,
------Some Verses of the Qur'an & some Ahadith,

---[2]. Manners of Recitation,
------The Seventeen points of Adaab,

---[3]. Sensitive language,
------Importance in Pronunciation.

---[4]. Tajweed,
------Dhammah & Madhmuum,
------Kasrah & Maksuur,
------Fathah & Maftuuh,
------Sukuun & Saakin,

---[5]. Makhaarij,
------Diagram of Huroof e Makhaarij,
------Where to place the tongue within the mouth,
------Hurruf i Ikhfaa,
------Ikhfaa i Shafawiyy,
------Ikhfaa i Haqhuqh,
------Huroof i Halq,
------Huroof i Yarmuluun,
------Huroof i Shafawiyyah,
------Idghaam i Shafaviyy,
------Ikhfaa i Shafaviyy,
------Izhaar i Shafaviyy,
------Ism al-Jalaalah,
------Mad-dah, Leen & Madd,
---------1. Short Madd,
---------2. Lond Madd.

---[6]. Signs of 'Stop'
------Types : Rumuz i Awqat,

---[7]. Some Important Instructions & Advice,

---[8]. Lahn, (Ignoring the principles of tajweed),
------Lahn i Jalii (major mistake),
------Lahn i Khafiyy (minor mistake),

---[9]. The 3 Speeds of Recitation;
------1. Tarteel,
------2. Hadr,
------3. Tadweer.

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*Dimensions :  21.7 x 14cm.

*Sub-continent print.

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