Overcoming Trials and Tribulations

 Overcoming Trials and Tribulations,
According to the Qur'an and Sunnah
* [A5] Paperback - 94 pages,
by Ruqaiyah Abdullah.
Published by Taha.

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Description :

Overcoming Trials and Tribulations, according to the Qur'an and Sunnah! Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, will continue to test us throughout our lives in many different ways and for many different reasons.

This book attempts to evaluate the different types of tests that we may experience, why they occur, how to cope with them successfully and the significance they have in relation to this Life in this world and in the Hereafter, our final destiny. It also highlights the problems we may unnecessarily create for ourselves if we choose to defy Allah's Divine Laws and Guidance.

         '' You shall be certainly be tried and tested in your wealth and properties
            and in your personal selves
.'' --- [3 : 186].

This book is a strengthening and inspiring work which provides an uplifting Islamic perspective on the significance of trials and tribulations during difficult times.

Table of Contents :


Chapter [1]. The Origin of Tests,
------Why are we tested ?
------Tests for believers and non-believers,

Chapter [2]. Types of Tests,
------How Allah tests His Creation,
------Tests as punishments,
------Tested by our own selves,
------Tested by other people,
------Tests involving health,
------Tests involving the death of loved ones,
------Tests involving sexual temptation,
------Tests with material wealth,
------Tests involving children

Chapter [3]. Wishing for Death,

Chapter [4]. Coping during Tests and Hardships,
------i. Strengthening faith through worship,
------ii. Turning to Allah in times of need,
------iii. Placing hope and trust in Allah,
------iv. Maintaining patience,
------v. Looking at people worse off,
------vi. Detaching oneself from this world.

Chapter [5]. Failing a Test,


Special Supplications (Du'as),
------Du'a for Istikhara, with translation and transliteration,
------Du'a for removing poverty,
------Du'a in times of distress,
------Du'a for the sick,
------Du'a for patience,
------Du'a to remove worry during sleep.

Also see Du'a and Waza'if,
Also see Self Development.

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