Albani & His Friends

Albani & His Friends, 2nd Revised Edition,
[A5] Paperback - 248 pages,
by Gibril Fouad al Haddad,
Published by Aqsa Publications, UK.
A Concise guide to the Salafi Movement
2nd Edition : Revised & Expanded.




Description :

Albani and his friends is a concise guide and critique to the modern day salafi (wahhabi) movement. It is one of the most detailed and well researched books discussing the Salafi movement and their many aberrations to date. The book is ordered alphabetically dealing with more than a dozen high ranking Salafi scholars. It begins with an excellent discussion of the classical term salaf and salafi by the Syrian jurist and theologian Dr. Muhammad Sa'id Ramadan al-Buti (taken from his book Non-Madhabism is the gravest Innovation (bid'ah) threatening Islamic Law).

The book discusses amongst others the following topics:

    *     The Classical understanding of the term Salaf and Salafi,
    *     A Concise guide to famous Salafi scholars and their aberrations,
    *     The Attributes of Allah,
    *     Issues connected to the Prophet, may Allah bless him & grant him peace,
    *     Doctrinal issues,
    *     Legal issues and salafi misinterpretations,
    *     Ambiguous verses in the Qur'an.  

Contrary to the Salafi approach to the critiquing genre, Dr. Gibril Haddad has excelled in producing one of the most excellent and beneficial books yet on the topic. An indispensable guide for all seeking true understanding of traditional Islam.

Updates in new edition 

    * Fully footnoted (contrary to end notes in previous edition),
    * New personalities added such as Ihsan Ilahi Zaheer and Hammad al-Ansari.
    * All references have been updated including book editions and weblinks.

Table of Contents :

--Introduction : The Meaning of Salaf and "Salafi"
--The Pseudo-Salafiya.

Albani and His Friends,

---[1]. Abd al-Khaliq, Abd al-Rahman,
---[2]. Abd al-Salam, Muhammad Ahmad,
---[3]. Abu Zayd, Bakr ibn 'Abd Allah,
---[4]. Al-Albani, Nasir,
--------Among Albani's Innovations in the Religion,
---[5]. Al-Ansari, Hammad,
---[6]. Dimashqiyya, Abd al-Rahman,
---[7]. Harras, Muhammad Khalil,
---[8]. Al-Hilali, Salim,
---[9]. Ibn Baz, Abd al-Aziz,
--------Expurgation of the Motherbooks of Islam,
--------"Improving" on the Motherbooks,
--------Reprints and/or Translations of Discredited and Condemned Books,
--------Who is Isma'il Dihlawi?
--------Those who Affirm that Allah Can Lie,
--------Those who Disparage the Prophet, ﷺ,
--------The Condemnation of Taqwiyat al-Iman,
--------Financing Anti-Sufi and Anti-Ash'ari writers,
---[10]. Al-Jaza'iri, Abu Bakr,
---------In the Shade of Mercy,
---------The Story of the Cranes,
---------Incoherence of the Story,
---------Refutation of These Arguments,
---------Two Revolutions in Abyssinia,
---------Inverted Evidence of the Qur'anic Text,
---------Fallacious Reasoning of the Claim,
---------The Story's Violence to the Contextual Flow of Surah al-Najm,
---------The Linguistic Evidence,
---------The Story Contradicts the Fact of Muhammad's ﷺ, Candidness,
---------Attack Upon Tawhid,
---[11]. Al-Khumayyis, Muhammad ibn Abd al-Rahman,
---[12]. Al-Madkhali, Mahmud,
---[13]. Al-Madkhali, Rabi,
---[14]. Al-Qahtani, Muhammad,
---[15]. Salman, Mashhur Ahmad,
---[16]. Al-Shuqayri, Muhammad,
---[17]. Al-Tuwayjiri, Hamd,
---[18]. Al-Uthaymin, Muhammad Salih,
---[19]. Al-Wadi'i, Muqbil,
---[20]. Zahir, Ihsan Illahi,
---------1. The claim that the name 'Abd al-Mustfa' is shirk,
---------2. The claim that 'Seeking Help from Other Than Allah' is an 'unislamic belief' & 'words of kufr,'
---------3. The claim that 'The Barelwis believe that the Prophets and the Righteous slaves and Saints know the Unseen' and that 'All this [is] kufr refuted by the Qur'an & the Sunnah'
---------4. The claim that 'The Barelwis believe that the Prophet, ﷺ, is not Human [but] was Created from Light'
---------5. The claim that 'The Belief of the Prophet, ﷺ, is Ever Present and Ever Watchful (Hadir wa Nazir) is 'an evil belief,'
---------6. The claim that 'the Barelwis hold 'Evil Practices at the Grave[s],'
---------7. The claim that Celebrating the Birthday of the Prophet, ﷺ, is an innovation and was never practised by him, ﷺ, or by any of His Companions,'
---------8. The claim that 'the Barelwis believe that Allah is everywhere in His Essence,'
---[21]. Zaynu, Muhammad Jamil & Al-Fawzan, Salih.

---Other works of Gibril Fouad al-Haddad,

---Also see Wahhabism,
---Also see Refutation,
---Also see Islamic Creed.

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