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What Every Christian Should Know About Islam
What Every Christian Should Know About Islam
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Details:  What Every Christian Should Know About Islam,
*[A5-] Paperback - 173 pages, [Revised Edn]
by Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood,
Published by Islam Foundation.

Back in Stock April 2019,

Description :

Of the many books explaining Islam, few address the challenges facing those interested in finding out more about the faith from a Christian background. Moreover, certain Muslim zealots ignore the common background of the Abrahamic faiths- Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

This updated edition discusses theological differences and similarities between Christianity and Islam, explains Islamic religious beliefs and practices, and answers the frequently-asked questions posed about Islam and Muslims, including those regarding terrorism and violence after 9/11. It is well-known that religious, and notably Islam, are often judged by the transgressions of their most extreme, ignorant and outlandish members. This short and easily accessible book seeks to provide an introduction to the mainstream theology and practice of Islam in an attempt to defuse some of the false impressions that surround it.

Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood
knows her subject: she gained an honours degree in Christian theology at Hull University in 1963 then went on to work for over thirty years as the Head of Religious Studies in a state school, eventually converting to Islam in 1986, an experience that she describes as "the feeling of finding my place at last, of coming home." (p.141).

She presents her material in four sections, mostly in a Question and Answer format: 

Table of Contents :

Part [1] The Religious Beliefs of Islam Explained - amongst other topics:
---"Muslims are not the enemy - the Crusades are over!"
---The statement of Faith,
---How can we know about the nature of God?
---"Belief in God, His Unity - 'Tawhid'" 
---Belief in the Angels,
---Belief in the Books,
---Belief in the Messengers,
---Are Muslims Fatalists ?
---Belief in the Life to Come?
---Belief in Judgement, Heaven and Hell,
---''What do Muslims mean by Dhikr or Remembrance of Allah?''

Part [2] The Religous Duties of Islam Explained -
---What are the 'Pillars of Islam'?
---''What is special or different about the Muslim Prayer?''
---''What is the 'religious tax'?''
---"What is that big black cube-shaped building?"
---''What is meant by fasting?''
---''What is meant by Hajj?''

Part [3] Miscellaneous Questions - questions such as:
---"Are Muslims extremists?",
---"Are Muslim men allowed to beat their wives?"
---"What about Israel and the Palestinian problem?"
---''Do Muslim men regard Women as inferior ?''
---''What is Halal slaughter?''
---''Is Islam compatible with Modern Science?''
---''Are Muslims trying to take over the World?''
---''Is Suicide bombing allowed in Islam?''
---''What is mainstream Islamic response to 9/11 and Al-Qaeda?''
---''How is abuse of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him ans grant him peace, viewed in Islam ?''

Part [4] Christianity and Islam
 - questions such as:
---''What changes would Christians make if they accepted Islam ?''
---''How do Muslims account for the differences between Jew, Christian and Muslim?''
---''Why is the Qur'an regarded as such a holy text ?''
---''What does Islam teach about forgiveness?''
---''Do Muslims believe in miracles'' ?

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