Halal & Haram: The Prohibited & The Permitted

 Halal and Haram : The Prohibited & The Permitted Foods & Drinks, 
According to Christian, Jewish & Muslim Scriptures,
by Muhammad Umar Chand.
Paperback - 228 pages. Fifth Edition: 2013

From the back cover :

Man has learned to eat some foods and avoid others mainly on two grounds: Folk Wisdom (practical, empirical experience) and Revelation.

In this book, the author examines how Adam, 'alayhi as-salam, and his descendants, from Caine and Abel, Noah, Abraham, Lut, Moses, Jesus (and his apostles), - peace be upon them all), down to the Beloved of Allah, Hadrat Muhammad, May Allah bless him and grant him peace, received their commandments regarding prohibited and permitted foods and drinks followed them. Standing firm on their convictions, and how others doubted, wavered and disobeyed, innovating their own commandments.


---The sources of Prohibition,

The Prohibitions according to the Old Testament,

---The First Prohibition in the Garden of Eden.
---Cain and Abel: Why some offers were accepted & some rejected?
---What did the first mighty hunter, hunt in Calah?
---What food did the patriarchs eat?
---Drinking during the days of the patriarchs,
---What food did the people of Moses (Musa, alayhi salam) eat?
---Moses declares criteria regarding which animals are prohibited!
---The Offerings practised by the Jews,
---The Passover food!
---The manner of eating the Passover food,
---The unaccepatable sacrifices during the days of Isaiah, alayhi salam,
---Prophet Ezekiel's, alayhi salam, 'foul baking' during the siege of Jerusalem,
---Drinking during the days of the Prophets.

The Prohibition according to the New Testament

---What did the people eat during the days of Jesus, (Isa, alayhi salam),
---What did John the Baptist eat?
---What did Jesus eat?
---Paul allows everything to be eaten,
---Eating together or seprately?
---Why did Paul separate from his three Pillars of Christianity?
---Food offered to idols,
---The Three Pillars of Christianity react,
---The Letter of John censuring Paul,
---The Revelation to John,
---Drinking in the New Testament,
---What did Jesus drink during the 'Last Supper?'

Prohibition of Food & Drink according to Islam

---God's Creation is Pure and Clean,
---How Allah expresses His Compassion for Mankind,
---Milk: A sign for Mankind,
---Fruit: A Source for Food,
---Honey: A Source of Healing for Mankind,
---Word's, word's ... and word's, what do they really mean?
---Mankind is exhorted to eat clean food,
---All the Prophets were exhorted to eat clean foods,
---Jews were forbidden certain foods,

The Physical and Moral Aspects of Halal and Haram

---The physical aspects of Halal and Haram,
---What has Allah forbidden Muslims to eat?
---Prohibtions, Divine and Human!
---The Qur'an: A Source of Bounty, Mercy and Guidance,
---Some moral aspects of Halal and Haram,
---The moral code in business transactions.

Prohibition of Drinks in Islam

---The first Revelation,
---The second Revelation about intoxicants,
---Seventeen reasons why the believers should avoid intoxicants,
---What about the Food and Drink people had before they embraced Islam?
---Khamr the mother of all Evils.


An Indispensable book for Muslims as well as non-Muslims!

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