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Angels Unveiled : A Sufi Perspective
Angels Unveiled : A Sufi Perspective
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  • Authored by: Sh. Hisham Kabbani

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Details:  Angels Unveiled :  A Sufi Perspective,
*[A5+] Paperback - 247 pages, Back in Stock March 2017,
by Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani,
Published by the Islamic Supreme Council of America.

Description :

It is universally known, based on these sources, that God created the Angels to carry out His orders and transmit the messages that pertain to human beings. Angels are honoured, subtle beings created from light who serve their Lord. They exemplify the qualities of perfection, obedience, and dedication. They can take any form they like at any time and place. They carry unlimited miraculous powers through which they can reach anyone in the blink of an eye to help and to heal, to serve and to console, to love and to be loved. Angels take any form they wish in the physical world. As crystal water takes the form of the cup in which it is poured, angels can take the form of any creation which they visit. They do not retain their full original form of light when they are sent to human beings:

                   "Say: If there were in the earth angels walking secure,
                           We had sent down for them from heaven an angel
                            [without change] as Messenger
" (17:95).

Angels can come as birds, as human beings, or as a form of light like a rainbow adorning the sky. They have a mind and a heart, but no will and no desire other than to serve and obey God. They are never too proud to obey Him. Angels worship day and night without fatigue. They do not need to sleep, as their eyes never tire. They know no heedlessness. Their attention never wavers. Their food is glorification of God, their drink is to sanctify and to magnify Him. Their intimacy is in calling their Lord through hymning and singing His praise. Their enjoyment is to serve Him.

Angels are devoid of any and all physiological restraints. They suffer no mood-changes. Angels inhabit Paradise and the seven heavens. They worship more than human beings because they came before them and they have greater and more powerful faculties than they. They are more pious than human beings because they are innocent and unable to fall into mistakes or wrongdoings. They never ask forgiveness for themselves but always for human beings. This shows us how much they care for us and to what extent God created them to look after us. God made them our guardians because a guardian is more perfect than the one he guards. Angels are more knowledgeable than human beings. The teacher, again, is better than the student. Their knowledge is of two kinds: intellectual and traditional. "Intellectual" means here: "of the essence of reality" or "of the heart." "Traditional" means: "revealed and translated down from above."

Table of Contents :

---About the Author :
---To the Reader,

---What are Angels,
---Belief in Angels,
---The Angels of the Throne,
---The Four Archangels in Charge of the Earth
---The Angel that Carries the Whale that Carries Creation,
---The Soldier Angels.

Part [1]. The Past,
---Angels and Adam and Eve,
---Noah's Angelic Light,
---Abraham's Honoured Guests,
---Joseph's Angelic Beauty,
---Jonahs Angelic Whale,
---Mary's Virgin Angels,
---Zachariah's Visitors,
---Prophet Muhammad's, ﷺ, Night Journey and Ascension.

Part [2]. The Present,
---A Journey to the Land of Angels,
---The Spirit.
---Angelic Miracles,
---Angels who Chant in Heaven,
---Angels Guide to Safety,
---Zahra and the Angels of Magic,
---Urwa and the Angel of Consolation,
---A Saint and the Archangel Michael,
---A Saint and Angels of the Tree-Leaves, of Dreams & Premonitions and of Nightfall and Sunrise,
---Angels, a Saint and Speaking in Tongues.

Part [3]. The Future,
---Israfil, Archangel of the Trumpet Blast,
---Angels of Mercy and Wrath,
---Gabriel, the Archangel Servant,,
---Angels and Material Energy,
---Archangel Azrail and the Other Angels of Death,
---The Angels Who Bring Peace in the Last Days.


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